The Cost of College Tuition From The 1900’s To Today


College is becoming borderline mandatory for survival. Conscious parents begin saving for their children’s college funds as early as their first birthday. And as their children go older, tales of college times are usually told in a nostalgic tone. Specifically, I remember my parents and grandparents saying, “back in my day – I paid half of that!” But was that really the case? Prices have definitely gone up for higher education – but by how much? I know our hairstyles and activities have changed for sure, but in this slideshow I explore how far education is truly costs us these days and how we can try and pay for it.  The following slideshow is based off the tuition costs of UPenn – one of America’s oldest and most respected institutions of higher education.  Remember the amounts are not inflation adjusted.

Click next below to find out how much it used to cost to go to college in the 1900, 1910’s, 20’s 30’s all the way up to today!

*All statistics are derived from bestcollegesonline . com


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  • Marc Goldstone

    No surprise that tuition costs are astronomical as liberals control the universities. Want to keep costs in check, simply deport liberals.