Top 20 Colleges With The Highest Crime Rates


Contemplating where to go to college? Or maybe you have a son or daughter deciding where to go? The decision behind a college acceptance has many factors at play. Ranking, city life, student life – the list goes on. Immediately we think of football teams, Greek life, rankings, education, and many more defining factors of college. One component that is frequently overlooked is the city and campus safety. And it shouldn’t be – because essentially social life, campus life, study hours – and so many other factors depend on your safety. The city you go to college in is your home for 4 years – and some of the sweetest years of life. It is important to be a part of a safe, wholesome community to feel comfortable in. So before you make a decision based off sorority life, you should take a hard look at the surroundings.

This list is derived from the published data of the Office of Postsecondary Education Campus Safety and Security. The data has been compilaed and analyzed by FindTheBest . Com.

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