Top 20 Countries With The Most Jobs Available & Highest Employment Rate


Jobs are what makes the economy run.  Jobs are what makes us productive.  Jobs are what keeps us progressing and creating new and exciting products and technologies.  This past year the focus for all politicians has been on jobs.  Below we’ll answer some questions to help you decide where to move to find available jobs.

  • Which countries have the most active workforce?
  • Which countries have the highest “employment rate” in the world?
  • Which countries have the highest employment rate for women vs. men?

These are all questions we’ll answer in this article.  According to the 2015 report by (The Organization For Economic Co-Operation and Development) The number one country on the list for jobs and employment is Iceland.  Read more below..


1) Iceland

Iceland has the most available jobs, with the highest percentage of active workers for both men and women!

Country Sex Active Workforce Population (Higher Is Better)
Iceland Women 79.28%
Iceland Men 85.75%
Iceland All persons 82.54%


Country Sex Unemployment Rate (Lower Is Better)
Iceland Women 4.10%
Iceland Men 3.88%
Iceland All persons 3.98%


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    Forgot Liechtenstein. Unemployment rate 1.5%

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    What joke are you talking about? In Finland we have over than 500.000 without work. And our population is only 5,9 milj. Our government said today that every people without work has to to take a job in public or private sector and those workers will not get any money. So they have to work free!!!! What can I say: welcome to Finland 2017!!!

  • You forget Rwanda!

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