6 Easy Ways To Pay A Lower Rate For Car Insurance

Drive Safe – Number One Way To Reduce Your Payment

Beyond your vehicle, the insurance company is insuring your driving as well. Essentially, the insurance company is betting on your odds. They are betting how likely you are to be in an accident and whether they are buying in at a good rare or not. It is well understood how traffic violations affect your license, but be aware that each violation will also affect your insurance rate. Accidents also negatively affect insurance rates. Each time you are given a ticket or partake in an accident, the insurance company will bet against you – thus raising your rates.

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15 Responses

  1. will liam says:

    Where’s the dam next page?!!

  2. John Parry says:

    Women are safer drivers. That’s open for discussion, but one factor that lowers the lady drivers payment is indisputable. They Drive slower, which means any accident results in less damage, and is therfore far less costly to repair.

  3. Shammah Arellano says:

    This article is full of disinformation. It begins on a fallacy. Insurance companies don’t even ask what color your car is. additionally, speaking as a truck driver of 15 years, I see equal numbers of the sexes screw up. Perhaps women are better at talking their way out of a ticket or getting an accident to remain unreported. Additionally, culture is geared toward protecting females so men put themselves at greater risk, ergo intoxicated males driving equally intoxicated females. The only unintuitive info on here is the company discount. Also not mentioned is the fact that you need to have a driving record. Being 26 doesn’t matter to insurance companies if you have less than 5years driving history.

  4. Mihai Mihaescu says:

    Not much of a help here. How to pay less: turn myself into a woman, age faster, buy a cheap car and avoid accidents! rofl

  5. Nordic guy says:

    Actually it’s discrimination that women and elders pay less because men can be also good driver or even better.

    • Lev says:

      It is not a discrimination – because insurance companies ise actuary tables – that involve regression statistical analysis of available accident to identify the cause – effect. They could care less who you are – it is all about statistically correct way of making money.

  6. Jackthesmilingblack says:

    Reason 7.
    Don’t reside in rip-off UK.
    Jack, Japan Alps

  7. Jackthesmilingblack says:

    Damaging the car is no big deal proving no other vehicle is involved, and you’re going the last owner route,

    • Lev says:

      It is only not a big deal if you did not kill yourself, and continue driving the car without declaring it to insurance – otherwise you rate will go up.

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