The Cost of College Tuition From The 1900’s To Today


Yearly College Tuition Costs In 1900’s: $150

Seems, like not much, right? In reality, this number with formative costs for inflation was still not accessible for much of the working class. Most college attendees were of the upper class, because they were the only ones who would afford taking time off to study.

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2 Responses

  1. Marc Goldstone says:

    No surprise that tuition costs are astronomical as liberals control the universities. Want to keep costs in check, simply deport liberals.

  2. truthtopower says:

    It’s amazing that the authors don’t point out that costs were stable until the increase in the dollar gold peg, after the peg was increased prices increased, after the government got involved in the prices went up even more. After Nixon depegged the dollar prices went up even more. Shut down the Dept of Education and Federal Subsidies and the prices will drop back to affordable levels.

    The Free Market works, when government doesn’t get in the way.