20 Countries With The Lowest Interest Rates For Loans & Mortgages


Money money money!  Everyone wants money.  There’s nothing better than to be able to get a loan with the lowest interest rate.  It’s basically like getting free money!  Interest on a loan determines how much your monthly payment will be, and it also determines how much it costs you to borrow money for a big purchase like a home (mortgage), a car, a boat, or any other large purchase.  Loan interest rates are determined by the countries central bank funds rate.  This is the rate that the banks are able to borrow the money from the country itself.  The lower the central bank funds rate, the lower the interest rate is on your mortgage or student loan.

Below we put together a list of the countries with the absolute lowest central bank interest rate from the Global Interest Rate Monitor (GIRM).  Getting a loan from these countries may be one of the smartest decisions to make when thinking about a big purchase.  If you’re thinking of moving out of your current country, and don’t have a lot of money, going to a country with a low interest rate will make it easier for you to borrow money to start your new life!

Check out the best places to move to borrow money below:


1 ) Switzerland

As you can see below.  Switzerland is number one on the list for a reason.   They actually have a negative interest rate.  What that means, is that the government will actually pay banks to lend them money.  This trickles down to consumers.  So if you’re looking to move and would like to borrow money at the lowest and cheapest rate.  Switzerland is the place to go!

Country Interest Rate Amount Of Last Change Date Last Changed Change In 2017 So Far Change In 2016 Change In 2015 Change In 2014
-0.75% -.50% 15-Jan-15 0 0 -.50% -.50%


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  • Osama oc

    It’s great. Get the loan and build swisserland.

  • R Krishnamoorthy

    Difficult to believe .Costs are to be borne by the Government?Ridiculous.It boils down to this.Government has no welfare schemes to adopt as all its citizens are well off and are having good income from may be from tourism .

    • Wilson Muir

      ‘ no welfare schemes ‘ — so they don’t have police , army , public health , schools , public servants or office bearers . Your neo con wet dream can be found only in Antarctica and between the two Koreas — good luck with your tax free swatch motion movement .

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  • Dragomir Draganov

    Very misleading, both headline and article.
    I live in one of these countries with “0% interest”. Unfortunately for me, “TCO” for my loan is about 21%

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