8 Countries Where College Can Be 100% Free


We all have the dream to have free colleges everywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere.  There are however certain countries in the world where the taxpayer pays the bill for all students looking to get a college degree.  The countries in this list are mainly in Europe and have cultures that “take care of each other”.  These socialist countries usually have higher income tax rates, but it’s well worth it if you’d like to have health care and college tuition all paid and taken care of.  Ask yourself this question before moving to one of these countries, is free college important to you?  If it is, then this list starting below is all for you:


1) Denmark

According to the 2015 OECD report, Denmark is one of 8 countries with some free college university programs

Top Colleges & Universities In Denmark

University of Copenhagen Times Higher Education World Ranking #82
Aurhus University Time Higher Education World Ranking #106
Technical University of Denmark Time Higher Education World Ranking #167
Aalborg University Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250
Copenhagen Business School Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250
University of Southern Denmark Time Higher Education World Ranking #301-350


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463 Responses

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  2. IDRIS says:

    The information is inaccurate. There are many more countries in the world that offer 100% free University education. The writer just concentrated on the European countries which has made the publication very biased and misleading.

  3. peter agius says:

    MALTA (EU) – should have topped the top in this list.

    Malta offers free child care to parents from age 2 to 5/6 and FREE education to its citizens from age 3 till university age,

    But here’s the kick.

    Maltese students GET PAID during their time in Maltese college, normally 16 to 18, and GET PAID during their term at Malta University.

    GET PAID between EUR100 / EUR300 a month. how’s that for living standards !!! 🙂

    No Oil, No other natural resources … just people with sheer determination 🙂


  4. iamclear says:

    can you people stop saying how the world hates Muslims or Arabs, i am black and i believe this sort of discussion is only gonna teach you how to hate, put a black,Arabian, western or Muslim / Christian kids in one building and they will only learn to love each other even when the are grown. the only thing your stupid asses dont know hate is taught by our parent,religious leader or self righteous politicians . the world does not hate you or your religion, you were taught they do so you grew up hating back thats why you have extremist who are brainwashed by religious leader or political ploys its insane to see people fight each other over what the have been told you are so predictable and stupid.

  5. Tekla Szymańska says:

    9) Poland

  6. john bolissian says:

    11. Brazil…. Somebody obviously isn’t doing their homework…

  7. chris christopoulos says:

    Greece has 100% free universities for all students given they pass the tests to get in. It’s like that forever. You kinda missed that.

  8. Gabriela says:


  9. joseph libreri says:

    Malta EU all schooling and university is completely free but students also receive a monthly stipend

  10. bertrandwilson says:

    Somebody is particularly uninformed as Trinidad and Tobago is not mentioned in this group. it should be noted that education is free in this tiny Caribbean country. A student can study any subject area he wishes, Medicine, Engineering, the Sciences, the Arts, Economics whatever its free. Additionally all students attending school between the ages of 3 yrs. to 12 yrs. (pre high school) receive free meals – breakfast and Lunch. Text books up to high school is also free. At University level students can apply for assistance to cover transportation from school to schools, meals and accommodation if they wish to live near the universities. transportation for all other levels are free. University students attending foreign universities are afforded the same support. as an aside, hospitalization and medication for all chronic diseases are also free as are all other facilities for senior citizens. (these benefits are for citizens only)

  11. Artra says:

    IT mentions just 8.. there more: not only México, but others also

  12. tbg says:

    Malta also gives free university while students are also given a stipend.

  13. 气功香蕉(Banana QiGong) says:

    The comments degenerated very quickly.
    You’re all arguing about what happens on the surface. None of you have any idea who, or what, runs this world. All you know is the politics that are put up on stage for the public eye. That’s not what runs your countries. You all sound like a bag of bones, arguing over which dog gets to eat you.

  14. Paul Attah says:

    Irrespective of the amount paid by Islamic countries I can’t school there thanķs

    • JAZ Z says:

      Even if you beg them to pay ten times of the fees you won’t be allowed, since they don’t allow the terrorists.

  15. liko2k says:

    You forgot Poland. All universities and technical universities are free.

  16. Fahmida Rahim says:

    I have a difficult time realising that despite being in the information age, there are the ignorant who will make an allegation based on the stimuli that was intended for them to take in by the mischief makers. So easy for them to have been fooled and quite easily manifested by the absurdities they utter. They are ignorant and stay ignorant and use their ignorance to make a point. Rather do intermittent fasting so your brains can make new neurons and then start gaining knowledge and awareness on Islam. The chances are that you may just adopt the lifestyle of Islam like so many did once they started privately researching it. So say not another word out of folly or ignorance. Secretly research it if it matters to you what others think about Islam. Once you have researched it, you will at least have a better knowledge base to share the thorough knowledge you have acquired with the world.

  17. Jamilu Abubakar Chiroma says:

    He who knows the importance of his religion NEVER INSULTS one’s religion.
    Abu Qureshi you know what?, i know you will reply NO but you know it.
    Some people are IGNORANT about every thing, they need to know before
    criticizing. and one thing with them is they will not be patient to know
    that thing rather, they will end up pretending. KEEP ON YOUR RELIGION,
    EVERYBODY respects their religion, do as well. People in this world has
    been converting to ISLAM, Subscribing to valid FOREVER, this is what
    Ignorant don’t know..

  18. M Teacher says:

    This is history in Finland. Our law has
    changed few months ago and every foreign students need to pay 10-15.000,00 euros per one year..

  19. Matt says:

    Nothing is for free.
    At the end of the day someone has to pick up the tab.
    The government?
    Read “The taxpayers”.
    Always easy to be generous, with other peoples money.

    Greetings from a Swedish taxpayer.

  20. donkeyslobber says:

    welcome to the discussion about free universities that degenerated into a racial brawl. all of you haters are serious losers regardless of your place of origin. consider that. they taught you to hate and now you lost. well done.

  21. TruthFinderXXX says:

    You forgot the U.S.A., you just have to meet certain criteria

  22. Sameh Anwer says:

    The problem of Islam is just : Saudi People who have MUCH money from selling their oil and MUCH ” leisure ” time to troll people around the world, even education is just for fun and unlike many other Arab, African and third world countries there is no Saudi famous scientist in the West or even in this shitty Kingdom ” Egypt by the way had two Nobel prizes one in literature by Naguib Mahfouz and the other in Physics by Ahmed Zewail ” I know that 2 Nobel prizes is not that too much but Egypt and even other Arab countries outside that shitty, dirty, hot Gulf have a lot of scientists and artists in all fields, and after all normal life without that ‘ extra “free” money / extra leisure time / extra trolling other western and Arab countries ‘ , because money of oil much enough to be stolen by the royal family and the rest of the money is given to the rest of the lazy Saudi People to fund their travelling to the west for talking about/spreading their Islam and having some education .

  23. Dario Tonso says:

    #10 Argentina, free public education 100% since more than 100 years, from kindergarten to universities
    Law, Medicine, Engineering, Social Ciences, etc
    The free education is a right not a privilegie, and we will throw down any government thatpretend to modify our status

  24. Salvatore Luxor D'agosto Berci says:

    molto interessante

  25. Raul Cristian Aguirre says:

    The list is way incomplete. I paid nothing in Argentina for university tuition either. And I was this summer in Cuba and all the people there claimed that they pay nothing for any kind of education. And there are many others. The article does not mention (and it should) that this OECD report refers only to its members (just 35 countries). Very misleading. Please update!

  26. Swej kcuf says:

    Why Israel is not on the list !!

    ANY jew can make Aliyah and get free education as ALL nine public universities get government subsidies and the small tuition can be covered by scholarships.
    When you steal a country and get USA taxpayers monies for free you can do that ..

  27. Po-Cheng Lin says:

    Colleges of Taiwan are free for library.

  28. Nanci says:

    Uruguay has free university, and YOU DON’T have to be citizen. Only the tuition is free, but many students from other S. American countries go there.

  29. Jörn Boost says:

    I wonder why Germany is always left out in these things.
    A. There are, to my knowledge, still no study fees
    (only a small fee of the national health insurance)
    B. There are 5% of places reserved for foreign students
    C. There are, in all universities, colleges with 6 months’ German courses
    (which don’t count on study time)

  30. Moon Moon says:

    Egypt … Cairo University dates back to 1915 and they have great engineering and scientific programs. That in addition to all universities all round the country

  31. 喻湘寓 says:

    So far as I  to study in Taiwan as a foreigner you will pay a cheap tution and healthy care
    with low living cost but high quality it is a good place to considerate besides it close to Mainland China and Japan , Korea Philipine you can travel to understand those easily

  32. Sudip Poudel says:

    I also want to study there. What criteria should i have completed ? Iam from nepal.

  33. Martin says:

    I am happy that Germany was not mentioned in this crappy article.
    Because Germany does not only offer tuition-free university classes for their own people but for anyone. On taxpayers’ expense.
    So world stay at home and do not stress the German taxpayers more.

  34. Anna Callus says:

    Malta pays stipends to students who go to University for free – so this article is, at the very least, incomplete.

  35. George Stevenson says:

    I went to college in The USA for free as a Military veteran.

  36. Mpirimpiri says:

    All undergraduate programs are free. There are some free programs for master degree also.

  37. Owolabi Mijioyime Ojo ThankGod says:

    Interest in studying abroad in Germany just seems to keep on growing. This is largely due to the fact that there are no undergraduate tuition fees at public universities in Germany, and this applies to both German students and internationals, regardless of nationality. Just a small nominal university fee is charged, of around €150-250 (~US$160-265) to cover administration costs.
    See full gist here o3schools.com

  38. Pepe Le Cox says:

    Where is Cuba? Havana University was founded more than 200 years ago! Everything is free

  39. MrcMeyer says:

    ‘8 Countries Where College Can Be 100% Free’- sounds like this search is linked to a Jerry Springer show 😛

  40. M.Grima says:

    Badly researched article as Malta is also one of those countries where university/collage is 100% free.

  41. Jackson Ruhindi says:

    good morning every contributor,kindly me iam stuck if any one has an opportunity to sponser my kids for higher education you are welcome ,iam in uganda here

  42. John Isaac says:

    How can someone get an admmition in any of this university in Finland? Please I want to know an a Nigerian?

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