Quantum Goddess: What The 5 Bond Girls Looks Like Today

Dschwen / CC BY-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)

With all his suave and cool sophistication, James Bond barrels through life easily, jet setting off to beautiful parts of the world and chasing down evil-doers, one shaken martini at a time. But, with all his swagger, he wouldn’t be the man we know him to be without the beautiful gals who’ve shaped him along the way.

Gorgeous and brainy, mysterious and charming, Bond girls are icons in and of themselves. Ever wondered how they’ve changed over the years and redefined beauty? Let’s find out!

1. Natural Glow

Gorgeous and voluptuous Denise Richards still looks very much like she did when The World Is Not Enough (1999) put her on the map. As Dr. Christmas Jones, she was every man’s fantasy: ballsy and independent, sexy and smart. Nowadays, she’s retained her natural good looks and accentuated her features with sun-kissed hair. The golden tones in her tresses bring out the sparkle in her eyes and give her a youthful vibe. Also, her skin looks tanner than it did when she first starred in the blockbuster movie.(Washington, 2019).

Ever wondered how you can look like Denise?  These days dying your hair blonde or getting different colored contact lenses can give you a look you want to achieve.  Being a woman in today’s society, there are products for any look you’d want to accomplish.  You’ll be surprised how much some dramatic mascara may make you look like the next “Bond girl”.

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