6 College Degrees (And Jobs) That Pay Women More Than Men


Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – right? One of the most controversial and most asked questions is regarding the differences between men and women. The differences in our genders cross biology and affect almost every interaction in our daily lives. It can be difficult to measure exactly how different the sexes are, but it’s simple to look at statistics and data for direct comparisons. Most people know that men make more money than women in the workplace, but education is slowly being dominated by the other sex. So what degree pays women the most? Where should women place their efforts? Read on to hear where women are the real breadwinners and make the most money! 

The Highest Paying College Degree #3 Will Surprise You!

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22 Responses

  1. Andre Levy says:

    “It all comes down to trust and who better to trust than another woman that loves to look good! Men can also flourish, but this degree and career is meant for the female species!”

    Wow, could this ever be more sexist? I wonder the reception of an article saying that, when hiring a lawyer, “It all comes down to trust and who better to trust than a man who values objectivity and reason”… “Women can also flourish, of course, but a law degree and career is meant for the male species (sic)!”

    • Lev says:

      I agree – the articles on this web site are good for nothing – I just saw at least four that are not supported by anythings but someones wild, sexist imagination. Almost like they were written in the 1950s.

  2. Eric Biggers says:

    I couldn’t navigate past the title page. There were no navigation buttons just ads.

    • Ganga Bhavani says:

      There are buttons just above the comments section

    • Kamal Dean says:

      It’s really annoying.theyre forcing you to go through all the adds before getting to the next page.
      I almost gave up looking for the next button.

  3. Brian says:

    In short, 6 degrees/jobs that are in violation of the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

  4. Salud y Vida Al Natural says:

    Oh My Godness! ought to this ever be greater sexist? I ponder the reception of an article announcing that, when hiring a attorney, “it all comes right down to consider and who better to believe than a person who values objectivity and purpose”… “ladies can also flourish, of route, however a law diploma and profession is meant for the male species (sic)!”

    But how i´m a woman only can Wearing one’s high shoes,
    Like the links I see daily http://bit.do/Only-for-women

  5. Monty Mondegreen says:

    College is generally a waste of time and money.
    Plus Cult Marx anti-man, anti-White brainwashing.
    It is about time we White men just say NO! to this crap.
    Let women and “vibrant diversity” play in this idiotic sandbox.
    We White men invented universities. Not women. Not “vibrant diversity.”
    Let’s just take our toys and play somewhere else.

    • Roxana T says:

      You are wrong! The Matriarchy was the first society and many women plaied (and still are) a big role in every child’s education. Man is mostly gelous! Behind every strong man is a stronger woman, no matter the relationship, mostly of family nature!

      • Monty Mondegreen says:

        Sure. In the sense that every man has a mother who taught him, as does every child. That’s a trivial truism. But the issue is universities. And universities were created by White men.

        • Lev says:

          Monty, perhaps man, but not all white. For instance medival Islamic madrasahs were hardly all white, you would agree.

      • Lev says:

        Roxana, I would like to support your point of view vs Monty’s nonsense, but, please, do a spell check – it is hard to read when there are multiple missplellings in the same word.

      • Oioi says:

        A strong mother and a strong father*. Both parts are important in the education of a child.

    • Nasty Creep says:

      I used to think the same thing, until I did some research and opened my eyes. Many concepts, establishments and tools have been invented and discovered by women throughout history, but certain male egos stole them and took credit. We don’t have the right to state this “We Invented…” nonsense as strongly as we men used to, and I’m fine with that. But I do think it’s nonsense to have just one sex dominate everything. Let some variety come into play.

  6. Adriel Silva says:


  7. abd allah humaid says:




  8. DjBox61 says:

    Your article is sexist

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  10. Tanita M. says:

    All I wanted is some objective perspective on things but oh gosh this article is so, so sexist i can barely stand reading it. This way of thinking and level of stupidity is sadly not all that hard to come by…

  11. A.L.M.Ameer says:

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