Top 9 Insurance Policies Everyone Needs To Have In 2017

Number 9) : Pet Insurance

When To Get It? : Get It When You Get A Pet

What Age Should I Get It? : Any Age

Pet insurance is one of the most important aspects of getting a pet in the first place.  Cover your loved one from all issues to make sure your costs of pet ownership don’t outweigh the benefits.  Pet’s are really cute and add a lot to your life, but can be very expensive later on in life, keeping up with vaccinations, any unexpected issues.  Let the insurance company take care of it for you.

Number 8) : Travel Insurance

When To Get It? : Get It When You Travel

What Age Should I Get It? : Any Age

Travel insurance is one of those things, you usually tend to decline, until you have that one bad experience.  Once you have that bad travel experience ( and we all will at some point), you’ll never skip getting travel insurance.  Many credit cards that you book your experience with will offer some sort of travel insurance too.  To be safe, go with the one that the booking company offers.  It usually covers the most.

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  • Erika Brathova


  • Jim Kart

    After reading this article I would believe that this would best time to renew my insurance that for sure.

  • Jim Kart

    Anyone knows if motorcycle insurance are also included in such premium?