5 Countries That May Give Free Housing To New Residents


Ever heard of the Sicilian town of Gangi? Me neither. This city in Italy has a declining population of about 7,000 and an excess of homes which haven’t seen a human face in decades. Italy will give you the home if you promise to stay and renovate. Sounds like a deal to me!

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  1. JC LINN says:

    You folks are WAY off track. You have seen to somehow turn this into another, off track, stupid ‘I am right, you are wrong’, yada, yada religious rant which will NEVER be peaceably resolved–that is why wars and hate continue everywhere! This is SUPPOSED to be a HELPFUL discussion ONLY for “Know of any countries or cities that give away homes to its residents?” You trollers are not helping ANYTHING and are WAY OFF track from the original premise.

  2. Ming the Merciless says:

    Eastern Canada…not free houses, but actual they are the less expensive in the USA/Canada…and willing workers wanted…first French or Mexican…ON DEMAND!

  3. T. Emmetta Garswah says:

    Wow..interesting comments. What a world we live in.

  4. Zowadul Karim Khan says:

    This article makes no sense, and full of incorrect information.

  5. Sandra Lee says:

    This article is really really useful to read. Especially my husband haha. Anyway thank you very much for sharing:

  6. bushman bill says:

    This is an article about free houses, not religion. Please stop

  7. Kaas Padariau says:

    I have a EU passport and I’ll join the gang as long as they give me a house in Gangi and the cute view from it!? Why not?

  8. Anne kyle says:

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  9. Crazy island says:

    Israel I’ve heard is nice this time of year

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  11. Kathy says:

    This seems to be the most mixed up, screwed up bunch of people I’ve ever seen in any post!
    Read the Bible, then read the Quran.
    At least we all know Jesus was a historical, living, real life person. Not a made up fictitious character that orders death to everyone who doesn’t follow.
    You are not allowed to look at a picture of Mohammed! How ridiculous is that?
    The Crusaders were trying to wipe out muslims. If they had succeeded we probably would have a more peaceful world!

    • Jack K Warner says:

      Nice to see your comments. You properly know why nobody can’t see a picture of Mohammed, the truth is simple, he never exist like a living person-like Jesus. We all know history from his life-true or false, but it exist some background to believe. .
      I the matter of Mohammed-a product of lies and produced by some people with only one goal,
      catch power over people and gain cash and live like a god……That are possible a good way when we talking about people with no sense for reality or not be able to read or have any kind of education-that time-and that is mostly the same situation today in most all Muslims countries. As well the power in this so called religion. Born into Islam or convert to it in adult live means lifetime, if anybody try to step out, that means for sure a dead sentence.
      That is for many Muslims a threat and they just stay put because it is a dead to public declare
      ´´I’m out of Islam´´ That was the security to the creator of Islam and that is still the same.
      Forbid Islam-and terror will slowly go down because Islam have one goal-take over the whole world whatever cost.
      How many people have gone out of Islam-and been executed by families and friends.
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      How many people like my self and others that try to tell the truth and wake up people to resist against terror-the real product of Islam

  12. Terry Melvin says:

    Tin foil hats for sale, cheap! Get them right here! Guaranteed to block cosmic rays and keep government radio waves away from what passes for your brains. I will give any commenters here on this thread my special discount. Supplies are running low, so act fast!

  13. Selwyn says:

    Not one person has noticed that to read Swey kcuf backwards tells this miscreants way of telling it like he wants it. Two words. Done. Now mr sk,seeing you evolved such a non deplume re -evolve your self into a lunatic of minimal proportion. It is delusions of grandeur that bends your mind., or the sun, like a certain rabbinical student that ran into the desert and got a touch of sunstroke AND brainstroke. Now, look in the mirror and then slip down a pit toilet and hide under the shadow of the snake that thrives on the droppings down there. You are actually a disgrace to the human race. In fact anything that breathes.

  14. Tsambika197777 says: