3 Easy Electricity Saving Tips For Your Home & Appliances


Bills, bills, bills. Paying the bills is probably the least enjoyable activity, second to a root canal. We all dread the monthly reminder that are our hard earned money is going away just as fast as it came to us, and it is an expense we can never really get out of. But I have done the research, and there are definitely ways to send less on the ever irritating energy bill. Most of the tips are easy, and can be done as second nature once learned. And as a bonus, most tips will help the environment!  The 3 energy saving tips on the next page will help with your monthly gas and electricity bill, visit the next page to check em out.

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34 Responses

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  3. стас says:

    Saving money is a sin.

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  6. aDeplorablehandout says:

    Unplug your meter and turn it upside down it runs backwards, reverse the meter. What?

  7. Benito Pérez Carretero says:

    Thanks for your advice yo save money for electricity! It is great!

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  10. John Williams says:

    Where do you go to see the next page? As a copywriter, I have to say, web designers baffle me.

  11. indian says:

    Good tips yet i got to add the following: if the wiring in the house is old, say 25/30 years, the wire covering hardens and cracks giving way for leakages to current constantly 24 hrs. Refrigerators and freezers doors rubber lining is another major cause of leakage if old and defective, replace the rubber linings as the leakages keep the compressors running 27*7 . Ensure the doors of the fridge are shut properly, at times of hurry they are left ajar. Old switches that are defective need to be replaced which is another source of electricity leakages. After using an appliance, say TV, washing machine, music system, iron, computer, laptop, mobile chargers etc. or any other electrical gadget, ensure to switch off the device from the switch board too.

  12. Victor Viral says:


  13. ED says:

    Turn your meter off, of course if you get caught big problems

  14. WM Cheong says:

    Agree with John Williams. Instead of saving electricity, this site is wasting my battery power and my time trying to read the next page which can’t be found.

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  16. Elizabeth Tallent says:

    First, just trying to read this article was annoying with all the crap tucked in between the pages. Second, perhaps add using a programmable thermostat, hi- end unnecessary for great savings. Program for heating and cooling savings to keep your family and your wallet comfortable.

  17. Uma pizoa says:

    If you don’t mind, i would like to leave you some very stupid view on saving 100% electricity:
    First, build a stone house. It provides a steady temperature all year long
    2. Warm up water with solar panels
    3. Use an outdoor earth oven to cook
    4. Buy a night vision goggles
    5. Don’t use fridges
    6. Charge your digital devices in public bathrooms plugs.

    It works for me…  you’re welcome! }8=)

  18. ScottishKnight says:


  19. Bao bao says:


  20. รักที่ นิรันด์ says:


  21. Karim Wael says:

    Thank you very much

  22. Jorge Remirez says:

    This is mainly done to trick you into reading ads. You have to scroll down to find the button to click into the next page. Alleged hints to lower electricity did not help much. We got great sun at home, so my wife normally dries clothing in the sun. Drier is only used during rainy days, if needed. Dish washer is used only about three times a week. We wait until it is full for a full wash instead of dropping the temperature we use it less. I placed a timer on the water heater to turn it off at night. We got wall units a/c, therfore no vents to clean except that of the unit itself and I keep them clean. So, no big deal on this article.

  23. Steve says:

    I do not have air conditioning, hot water, dish washer and no night rate for electricity. this who wrote this article needs to do some work. I am available to help with this article