Essential Make Up Tips to Look 10 Years Younger



Youth is the ultimate beauty. People around the world spend billions (yes, with a B!) each year on the pursuit of good health in order to fight aging. Whether it be surgery, a special diet, or avoiding laugh lines – youth is truly the ultimate goal for beauty. With the advent of speciality makeup and the options available, you can fake your way to true beauty today!

Try these 11 makeup tips to help with your look, read more on the next page:

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  1. Mostagfera says:

    Women who looked to be 30 but were really 55!

    So the researchers dug deeper… The geneticists looked at the way these women’s genes are expressed to make sure it wasn’t just coincidence or a really good makeup day…

    And when DNA of these lucky few was examined…

    The study revealed these exceptional agers all had ONE THING IN COMMON…
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