Top 10 College Degrees (And Jobs) That Will Always Be In Demand


The Internet has changed our lives considerably. As technology grows and innovates, our daily lives change. Gone are the days that we need a digital camera, pager, or even a personal computer. All we need is our simple smartphone, and with that innovation there was the death of many industries. The job market is also responsive to these changes, and will tailor and trim the available positions based off technology fluctuations. And if you are looking for a college degree that will withstand the changing market, I encourage you to read on!  These college degrees and jobs will always be in demand.

Keep reading on the next page to find out which jobs will NEVER go away, number 5 is shocking!

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10 Responses

  1. Dupyou See says:

    So what will happen to the average joe & jane who are more incline to artistic skills?

    • Lev says:

      Hard to say. One thing is true – is that the low wage, unskilled labor is in lesser and lesser demand. It is part of the reason the states are legalizing drugs and promoting celebrity tv – it is becoming the main ways to control the unoccupied minda of the unemployable masses.

  2. Darkend says:

    Never seen an website with so many commercials..it is confusing

  3. bill sexton says:

    Ask a nurse if they think Pharmacy will be extinct in 20 years. Doctors always make mistakes with medicines. Pharmacist are always double checking the doctors orders to make sure they are needed and will not harm the patient in question. Some patients are already on medicines that can cause harm if combined with a new medicine. Doctors do not have this information. The pharmacist has the records or they can call other pharmacists who have serviced the said patient to monitor their medicines. When people get older, they cannot remember what medicines to take. The pharmacist designs medicine regimes that fit that particular patient. Machines cannot do that. I believe pharmacists will be needed just as much in the future as they are needed now. A pharmacist aide can count pills and fill prescriptions all day long just about the same as a machine would do. There still needs to be a pharmacist who is trained in medicines to make sure the medicine prescribed does no harm to the patient.

    • Alan says:

      Software will do all that. If a government license was not required pharmacy would disappear as a career. “call other pharmacists? Doctors?” That was last century.

      • bill sexton says:

        Sorry to contradict you Alan, but you are dead totally 100% wrong. Any nurse, doctor, or pharmacist knows that software cannot adjust to the different patient needs. For instance. The norm is to give a type 1 diabetic patient an injection of insulin around 15 to 30 min before a meal. That is what most patients will receive. But, not all patients are the same. I have had patients go into a coma by following those guidelines. Give these patients insulin 15 minutes before they eat and they have already crashed by the time they take their first bite. We adjusted the time to 5 min before eating and everything worked out fine. How does a soft ware program know that? A soft ware program cannot ask the patient questions or diagnose a patient before deciding what medicine to give or how much or how often. Like i said, every patient is different and even that patient can have different needs on different times of the month. Pharmacist will always be needed.

  4. Ramy Saeed says:

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  6. bayoolla273 says:

    In and ideal economy as obtained in developed and developing world. Not in sub sahara Africa where most economies have not taken off and are still wallowing in corruption.