5 Ways To Get The Lowest Price On Your Next Car Purchase

5. Always Low Ball Your Lowest Price

When you first start talking numbers with a car salesman the first thing they will ask you is.  “What’s your budget”, or “How much are you willing to pay per month?”.  This is an easy way for the sales person to put the ball in your court and make you tell them a price that they can easily make money off of.

One of the best tactics here is to be vague and tell them something like:

  • “I’m looking for the lowest price you can give me.”
  • “What’s the best sale you have going for this car right now?”
  • “Show me your prices first, and i’ll let you know if it fits my budget.”

If you must say a dollar amount, and the sales person is pushing you.  Find an ad in the paper and tell them a number that’s 10% to 20% below that.


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  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Find a dealer by attending an auction. Tell him what you want. Go to the next auction with “Honest Jack”. He’s set you straight on all the potential pitfalls. Don’t begrudge his commission. He’ll have really earned it.

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      Good advise Jack!

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  • Jim Kart

    To be honest may be useful, but not as always. It really depends where and what are you buying.

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  • Uma pizoa

    I know a good trick to by a second hand car! Take the car for a ride (Just you), go to a difrent salesman, tell him the car is yours,  ask him how much would he give you for the car to resell, then take it to the vehicle inspection centre, check the mechanic.. make a list of all problems. Now you now what is the car real value and real conditions, go back to the original salesman and negotiate the best price. Don’t show to much interest, even if it is the perfect car for you…point all the defects to lower the price..

    • Ken O’Neill

      Good advice, except how long would all that research take?

      • Uma pizoa

        Thanks! well of course you’ll have to plan ahead! it depends how far you are from this places. it could take you all morning/afternoon! you should be prepared to call back the salesman with an elaborated excuse…like you stop to help someone or the police stop you…anyway, rehearse the excuse. A car is something expensive, you don’t buy one on the daily basis.. so don’t feel bad…you’re just being smart 😉

    • Goskula Anil Kumar Patel

      Good advice

  • Tonny Greco

    just show a better proposal from their competition

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  • Simon Stauber

    Only good (maybe) in N. America including Socialist, muslim filled Ca-Na-Da.
    In Europe those tactics don’t apply. On new cars, there are 5-7 years of 100% full warranty, labor incl. On classic Veteran cars, there are special testing mechanism within the national Auto-Clubs.
    Only in N. America, are car sales men
    Known as not honest. They want your money, and never come back to us.

  • Pirate_Pete_4740

    Best way to save money on a car.
    Buy in the last 10 days of January.
    The regular citizen can not buy because he/she is broke from Christmas.
    The fleet buyers are on Christmas vacation.
    So nobody is buying cars in January. But the dealer must pay the Floor Plan payment at the end of the month.
    So they will sell cars at huge discount just to get the cash. I have been offered $20,000 discount on a $60,000 car.
    Also, search the internet for the car that you want, in the same time frame, and look at what other dealers are offering. You should find the same super low price.
    Some dealers will drive the car for 20 km, then offer it as second hand or dealer used.

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