5 Ways To Get The Lowest Price On Your Next Car Purchase

4. Don’t Fall For The Extra Features or Options

The extra features in cars these days are where the dealership and car companies make most of their money.  Most options like Bluetooth and Sunroofs may come standard in some models.  But the extra’s like “cooled seats”, or “heated steering wheel” are usually very expensive and rarely used.  Make sure that when you are dealing with salespeople they don’t “trick” you into getting a car with options you don’t need.  Many car dealerships and car manufacturers give big big discounts on cars with less options because they are seen as less desirable.  Go for these cars if you are looking for the lowest possible price.

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101 Responses

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    Yep Nico, agree with you, but remember that these people run them as advertising, to make money, so they don’t give a s..t if the reader is smart or intelligent enough to realise what rubbish is going on.

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  7. Malachy1010 says:

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