5 Ways To Get The Lowest Price On Your Next Car Purchase


We have all been there.  You want to buy your first car, or second or third.  You have no idea what to do.  Maybe you got a really bad deal last time and you are scared. Do you just go to the car dealership and ask for what you want?  Do you lease or purchase a car?  What does APR mean? Residual value?  Do you go through a broker who may or may not have your best interests in mind?  There are several ways to go about car shopping, but once you are in the negotiation room with the sales person there are only 5 easy tactics that will ensure you get the best price.  If you’re in the market for a new car, or just wondering what these tactics are, check them out on the next page.

These 5 Car Negotiation Tactics Will Make Sure You Get The Lowest Price When You Go Car Shopping!

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101 Responses

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    Find a dealer by attending an auction. Tell him what you want. Go to the next auction with “Honest Jack”. He’s set you straight on all the potential pitfalls. Don’t begrudge his commission. He’ll have really earned it.

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      Good advise Jack!

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  9. Jim Kart says:

    To be honest may be useful, but not as always. It really depends where and what are you buying.

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  14. Ligaya Barlow says:

    Rule one: Never, NEVER trust an American.

  15. Uma pizoa says:

    I know a good trick to by a second hand car! Take the car for a ride (Just you), go to a difrent salesman, tell him the car is yours,  ask him how much would he give you for the car to resell, then take it to the vehicle inspection centre, check the mechanic.. make a list of all problems. Now you now what is the car real value and real conditions, go back to the original salesman and negotiate the best price. Don’t show to much interest, even if it is the perfect car for you…point all the defects to lower the price..

  16. Tonny Greco says:

    just show a better proposal from their competition

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  18. The cost of insurance in Puerto Rico are expensive.

    • FishyLuv says:

      Plus we pay the unjust import fees-like $5000 per car and then 11.5% sales tax! That makes a base model Nissan Versa cost as much as a fully loaded Altima in the States!

  19. Simon Stauber says:

    Only good (maybe) in N. America including Socialist, muslim filled Ca-Na-Da.
    In Europe those tactics don’t apply. On new cars, there are 5-7 years of 100% full warranty, labor incl. On classic Veteran cars, there are special testing mechanism within the national Auto-Clubs.
    Only in N. America, are car sales men
    Known as not honest. They want your money, and never come back to us.

    • Aziz Dridah says:

      What has car sales got to do with religion, you bigot bastard

      • Simon Stauber says:

        Muslims should not be allowed to own or drive cars & any motor vehicle, till the day they stop mutilating their Daughter’s Vaginas, & allow women to drive in Mecca & Medina.

        • Aziz Dridah says:

          Yup are a bigot and an ignorantus and you will know it one day soon. Go read about Islam and educate yourself before speaking about something you don’t know about.

          • Yahu says:

            This is how you marauding Muslims use lies and intimidation to censor people who are expressing genuine concerns online and elsewhere about the atrocities of Islam. But guess what! The world is getting aware by the day, so your lies have become so impotent.

  20. Pirate_Pete_4740 says:

    Best way to save money on a car.
    Buy in the last 10 days of January.
    The regular citizen can not buy because he/she is broke from Christmas.
    The fleet buyers are on Christmas vacation.
    So nobody is buying cars in January. But the dealer must pay the Floor Plan payment at the end of the month.
    So they will sell cars at huge discount just to get the cash. I have been offered $20,000 discount on a $60,000 car.
    Also, search the internet for the car that you want, in the same time frame, and look at what other dealers are offering. You should find the same super low price.
    Some dealers will drive the car for 20 km, then offer it as second hand or dealer used.

    • John Simpson says:

      Stuff like this are designed to get people to click on it and then be bombarded with advertising. The article itself is often worthless, like this one. It is perhaps 10 – 20 years behind the times.

      This article and your comments are both ridiculous. If you can buy a car that lists for $60K for $40K, you are looking at the wrong car. There is no $60K car with a $20K profit margin. Manufacturers have been cutting the profit margins for years in hopes of eliminating the kind of gamemanship you are suggesting. Also, every manufacturer wants to have the biggest year end close possible and will offer the most incentives at year end whether they be cash discounts, interest rates or both. Some manufacturers do not resort to any of these tactics or fire sale activities because they don’t have to, and that is why they have high demand and great resale. If you could buy a car that lists for $60K for $40K, from what number do you think it will depreciate? Cars like that, even if they exist, are slugs in the market. The highest resale brand, according to Kelley Blue Book, is Subaru. They sell everything they can build and rarely offer much more than low interest rates. You are also out to lunch regarding warranties. Manufacturers offer extended warranties and ones on reliable cars cost far less than on expensive, unreliable cars that are also expensive to fix. Warranties are like any insurance: if you have one and use it, you will think it money well spent; if you don’t use it, it is peace of mind. That is why we buy insurance. One computer going out can easily cost the price of a warranty in today’s very sophisticated cars.

  21. sammy oyola says:

    Stick with the Consumers Reports advice….better yet, bring their manual along.

  22. Adams Daniels says:


  23. phetpeter says:

    When selling or buying a car check your insurance what is their write-off value of the car and this should give you a good start of what the value is, if the car is second hand, get an insurance quote before going to the dealership so you are aware of the WO price if the dealer is above that price then you know you are paying too much!

  24. Tiến Tran says:

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  25. Nico Traut says:

    Don’t you just despise these stupid articles that look interesting and when you try to read them there are so many advertisements that you cannot find the actual button to take you to the next page! Well done to the moron building these pages.

    • James R. Reese says:

      I agree. They hide the page turning buttons, hoping you will click on an ad. Very deceptive and annoying. I just back out of these stories–like this one–that are designed this way

    • Dr_Bob007 says:

      I agree completely.

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    • a human says:

      Yes indeed. I guess we should avoid such websites where lots of annoying advertisements pops up.

    • praying for change says:

      Totally true. Capitalism at its worst.

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      • DubaiPoster says:


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        10:13 p.m., Thursday Nov. 2 | Other comments by mrbacchus

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        Don’t you just despise these stupid articles that look interesting and when you try to read them there are so many advertisements that you … Read more
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  27. LIONEL ROGER says:

    I couldn’t find the next page. Totally agree with Nico.

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  35. manosteele says:

    The only valuable advice was to do your own research. The other stuff bordered on ridiculous and waste of time. You might have a shot at dealing directly with the manager if you walk in on a Monday morning or on the first day of the month (providing it doesn’t fall on a weekend). But seriously, you’re already there, the store knows “you mean business.” The store will have a general sales manager and anywhere from 1-6 assistants, depending on the size of the store. If there are 20 other customers there at the same time, how can the manager devote his time to one person? Also, placing your credit card or checkbook (when the hell was this written?) on the salesperson’s desk are gimmicks that won’t sway anyone or improve your negotiating position.

    Here’s your best advice. Find out what the invoice price of the car you want is and then find out what incentives exist for that car (incentives change every month), and that’s the price you should shoot for. But let the dealer make the first offer. Also, you can ask your salesperson what incentives exist if you can’t find the info online. If he refuses, leave and move on to the next dealership. But he should tell you.

    Also, nothing wrong with letting the salesman know your budget if you have done your research. No reason to look at an SUV, when your budget calls for a Civic. You are wasting your own time and setting yourself up to get whacked on price.

  36. Mauro Duran says:

    Where in the hell is the “Next” button, ridiculous amount of useless ads

    • allanc1941 says:

      They are so annoying! It’s about time that a lot of these traders realised that if they annoy potential customers too much they will go for the Next or Exit button

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