6 Easy Ways To Pay A Lower Rate For Car Insurance



The mystery of what goes into a car insurance rate. Why do different people get better deals on their automobile insurance? And why are some people paying extraordinary amounts for car insurance? There is a complicated formula for how rates are created – but after some research we have found ways to understand how your price is calculated. If you understand what creates a rate, you can control what you pay. All automobile car insurance prices and rates are calculated based off risk.  Before you try and get your next car insurance price quote comparison, keep these things in mind.

The lower the risk and the safer you are, the less you pay and the cheaper your quote will be. So lower your risk, and know that knowledge is power!  

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  • will liam

    Where’s the dam next page?!!

  • John Parry

    Women are safer drivers. That’s open for discussion, but one factor that lowers the lady drivers payment is indisputable. They Drive slower, which means any accident results in less damage, and is therfore far less costly to repair.

  • Shammah Arellano

    This article is full of disinformation. It begins on a fallacy. Insurance companies don’t even ask what color your car is. additionally, speaking as a truck driver of 15 years, I see equal numbers of the sexes screw up. Perhaps women are better at talking their way out of a ticket or getting an accident to remain unreported. Additionally, culture is geared toward protecting females so men put themselves at greater risk, ergo intoxicated males driving equally intoxicated females. The only unintuitive info on here is the company discount. Also not mentioned is the fact that you need to have a driving record. Being 26 doesn’t matter to insurance companies if you have less than 5years driving history.

  • Mihai Mihaescu

    Not much of a help here. How to pay less: turn myself into a woman, age faster, buy a cheap car and avoid accidents! rofl


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  • Nordic guy

    Actually it’s discrimination that women and elders pay less because men can be also good driver or even better.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Reason 7.
    Don’t reside in rip-off UK.
    Jack, Japan Alps

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Damaging the car is no big deal proving no other vehicle is involved, and you’re going the last owner route,