Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit


The joy of traveling is one of the greatest joys. Witnessing another culture, exploring, and going on adventures in new lands is one of the best ways to experience life. Traveling gives you new eyes to see the world in, and truly expands your knowledge base. I personally look to take every chance I can get to travel. In this day and age, we see people traveling many places on social media and we get curious. However, there are some parts of the world that are just not ready to be seen comfortably.

Read on below to learn the 10 most dangerous places to travel to!

10. Ukraine

There is an ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Russia. Between the countries, the armed forces are involved with on the ground conflict in the Eastern region, and it is not uncommon for locals to get involved in the conflict.

Read about the #9 Most Dangerous Country “Egypt” on the next page below

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318 Responses

  1. Shagwell says:

    I’m a tad surprised that neither the Philippines or that Asian cesspit, Thailand, make the top 10 list.

    • Fola Arthur Worrey says:

      I’m a tad surprised that the mass-shooting center of the world, the USA, is not included in this list.

      • Megalodon says:

        I suppose you think you’re being clever, or even witty, with this comment?
        Well you are not. I find it disrespectful and offensive, and I will request its removal.

        • Nat says:

          Fola’s still here? I suppose, he’s right!

        • Basso Rah says:

          Truth hurts…

          • Alan Fresco says:

            Actually Basso, the truth doesn’t hurt, because this is not the truth. America is a truly wonderful country; the land of the free and liberty – and light years removed from the “mass shooting center of the world”
            I concur with Megalodon’s comment that Fola’s Post was disrespectful and offensive.

          • Lemmuel Odjay says:

            Now history…

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Sorry Alan first world countries, the U.S. is tops in homicide rate and tops in total murders. Guns are involved in 3/4 of them. The murder capital is not Chicago, NYC or LA but New Orleans.

        • Eric Kingsbury says:

          I don’t know what the other person posted but even if it hurt your feelings is it necessary to stamp your feet and demand it be removed?

          Even tbough it did’t deal with me, your complaint and demanding censorship when something was posted that you disagreed with or “offends” you is exactly why I have become more conservative over the last few decades…Debate and discussion involves hearing others opinions even though we don’t agree with it or like it.

      • Eric Kingsbury says:

        Have you really traveled and experienced other countries?

        Your post was NOT inappropriate; the article is about “Dangerous Countries to Visit” but possibly short-sighted.

        America does not have a gun issue….tens of millions of gun owners are born…grow up and die owning guns and there are no accidentital shootings for them. There are no spree shootings for them. There are no use of a weapon during a felony crime for them. There is no hate-filled heart bentvon murder or retaliation for them.

        America has a gang issue……

        America has a glorified “thug culture”……

        America has a drug addiction problem……

        America has media problem (both on the left and on the right) that creates an atmosphere of racial tension and fear.

        America has a morality issue (Is it really the greatest country in the world?)…and certain individuals make the decision to not see people as persons…..

        America has a respect problem….

        America has a hate problem……

        It is not a gun problem….

        • Tommy Roche says:

          Seriously ? A report in the UK newspaper, The Guardian yesterday put US deaths by firearms at 33,000 per year. To any right thinking mind, that is absolutely shocking. Mass shootings, the one’s that make all the headlines, actually only make up roughly 1.5% of that total. You are correct on a few aspects. Gang culture, thug culture, addictions, lack of morality and respect for others and hatred of those with opposing views or ideologies are certainly huge issues in their own right. But the fact is, gang members, thugs, addicts, bigots, racists, the mentally ill, and those with a lack of morality and lack of respect for the lives of others, all these people have easy access to firearms. Of course, for every one of the above who would take a life without hesitation there are 1,000’s of responsible gun owners would never dream of turning those weapons on another human unless in defence of their families, their neighbours or themselves. It’s these people who need to say, “enough is enough” and call for a form of gun control that can keep firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens while making it more difficult for those who intend to do harm to get their hands on them. Any gun control will never be 100% foolproof, and I don’t have the answers to what forms of gun controls should exist, but isn’t it about time there was an honest and open debate on the issue ?

          • Eric Kingsbury says:

            We have gun control….The majority of shootings (Not Suicides) that happen in America happen because a “felon” commited a crime with a gun.

            Possibly “control” would remove guns from the hands of some of those who are suicidal AND this would certainly eliminate possibly thousands of suicide deaths….and suicide with muder deaths BUT then you have the obstacle of determining who was fit to own a weapon and who changed and through illness (depression) became unfit.

            So what do you want?

            It is the law of the land to “control” the guns in that it is already illegal for a “felon” to be in possession of a firearm (But it doesn’t stop them).

            It is already the law of the land for increased penalties if one commits a crime with a weapon.

            It is NOT easy access….Those of the criminal element gain weapons illegally through illegal “straw purchases” ALTHOUGH I think “control” in requiring “gun owners” to keep all weapons in a safe or have trigger locks or in a locked area a reasonable “control” as this would help to eliminate guns that are stolen and later used in a crime.


            I return to my posting and I state clearly that tens of millions of gun owners are born and live their lives and find the end of their lives without:
            Accidentily shooting a sibling.
            Shooting a rival gang member.
            Without using their guns to commit a crime.
            Without planning and carrying out a mass shooting.
            Without commiting murder.

            Tens of millions….

            But you simply ignored this part of my post……I grew up with guns from a very young age and wow, when I was taught NOT to touch my dad’s handguns….I didn’t touch them.

            When I was taught NOT to load my rifle or shotgun near the house, wow I didn’t load my weapon near the house.

            When I was taught how to hunt I was taught to be aware of the direction you are shooting and NOT shoot toward neighboring homes.

            Accidents can happen around guns….but those accidents are a tiny fraction of the statistics that the media reports.

            So aren’t we having an honest debate?

            About 60% of all firearm deaths in the USA are from persons taking their own life. A HUGE issue and a sad issue BUT this really speaks to mental healthcare and its availabilty to American’s citizens.

            This is an issue that needs national focus but it is a healthcare and treatment concern.

            The person commiting suicide is a threat to themselves NOT to society as a whole.

            Of the approximately 40% of murders with a firearm a fraction as you stated are mass shootings….The fact remains that ALL shootings are the result of an illegal act (with the exception of accidental deaths)….It is already illegal to use a gun to commit a crime.

            So what do you want to do boss?….Oh I know pass another law that will be ignored by the criminal element. But at least by passing another law you will feel better.

            Hey while you are at it why not look at some other laws passed that became national law….Oh the prohibition on alcohol (simply provided a platform for the gang culture to become rich with illegal booze).

            How about America’s prohibition (laws) against illicit drugs in the USA…how is the whole “just say no” war on drugs working out?

            Which gets back to culture and morals and I think a relationship with God (or a higher power because where I am living they do not follow my God but it is one of the safest places to live in the world).

            Too much of America, has embraced a wicked culture and glorified this life….where this happens bad things follow.

            When you want to compare firearm deaths….please look at ALL the issues…..like population America’s population is closing in on the whole population of ALL of western Europe. But the culture is different from Americas culture.

            I have heard a thousand times from “community leaders” like Jesse Jackson that parts of Chicago is a war zone as they emplore the government to help more…burned out buildings….drug infested streets…..addiction…..high teen birthrate….gang culture….few jobs BUT a large percent of persons in these areas have embraced government handouts and subsidized housing with free medical….free food subsidies with no expectation of self reliance. You don’t want to aplly yourself in school or work, ok the government will give you TANF and the benefits listed above.

            But there is a cost….you will be pushed into these “government housing zones” whether it is a project in parts of Chicago or a trailer park in GA and in these zones you will take part in a large government social experiment that has proven over decades to be a monumental failure.

            Thse program areas lead to high alcohol consumption.

            These program areas lead to high teen pregnancy rates.

            These areas lead to low marriage rates (in some areas it is almost nonexistent).

            These areas lead to low graduation rates, low religious beliefs, high birthrates, high drug addiction, high criminal activity and incarceration rates, on and on.

            It is in these blighted areas that statistically the majority of violent crime and deaths by guns take place.

            So maybe the answer is gun control or maybe the answer is NOT found through the government.

          • Eric Kingsbury says:

            Tommy Roche,
            My first reply to you was apparently “censored” claiming it appeared as a “spam”…..

            When looking at firearm deaths….please address murders and not suicides that account for almost 60% of the deaths by guns in the United States yearly.

            You wrote, “Of course, for every one of the above who would take a life without hesitation there are 1,000’s of responsible gun owners would never dream of turning those weapons on another human unless in defence of their families, their neighbours or themselves.”

            I almost agree with you BUT there are, as I posted previously there are tens of millions (not thousands) of Americans who are born into a “gun culture” grow up around guns……live their lives around guns…..and come to the end of their lives and NEVER experience:

            NEVER experience, accidently shooting their little sister or brother.

            NEVER experience, using their weapon to commit a felony.

            NEVER experience, using their weapon to shoot a rival gang member.

            NEVER experience, using their weapon to commit a mass shooting.

            NEVER experience, using their weapon in any way that leads to harming another human being.

            Tommy, you wrote “enough is enough”….I would agree with this…..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH but obviously “gun control” is not and can not work.

            Why? The real issue is “morality” and the sad fact that there are millions of Americans (a fraction of the population) but millions of Americans who do choose to sell drugs and use weapons to defend their “claimed” turf or use guns to eliminate rivals….Millions, who do choose to commit crimes with firearms…..Millions, who do choose to live “criminal lives”.

            America has gun control boss. It is illegal to commit a crime with a firearm. It is illegal for a felon to have a firearm in her or his possession. Penalties are increased if one commits a crime with a firearm or in a school zone or in a public building like a courthouse.

            Each and every time “gun control” fails?

            Why? Obviously the criminal does not follow rules of law…that is why they are considered criminals. To eliminate guns or firearms and to pass legislation…aka a prohibition on guns that would make guns illegal would only result in law abiding citizens giving up their guns and result in an unarmed citizenry.

            You can not legislate morality……

            Tommy Roche, America has had prohibition before; the 18th Amendment made alcohol illegal. Did it eliminate alcohol from America? No, it provided a foundation for illegal activity that lead to the rise of powerful gangs vying for the lucrative black market alcohol trade.

            Wait that is impossible…a law was passed that ensured that Americans could no longer have alcohol…..oh back to the whole a certain percent of the people choose to follow the law or not follow the law thing.

            Tommy Roche, America has had prohibition before when United States government passed legislation regarding drugs, “The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act (Ch. 1, 38 Stat. 785) was a United States federal law that regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution of opiates and coca products. The act was proposed by Representative Francis Burton Harrison of New York and was approved on December 17, 1914”….so began the “war on drugs”.

            How has the war on drugs gone in America? Not very well it seems……

            Wait that is impossible…a law was passed that ensured that Americans could no longer have illegal drugs…..oh back to the whole a certain percent of the people choose to follow the law or not follow the law thing.

        • Daniel Greiner says:

          America doesn’t even touch this list by a long shot. try going to the 98% of places in the usa in which violent crime doesn’t really exist. You guys are idiots if you cannot see that America simply is EVOLVED enough to at least release up to date news about shootings… instead of sweeping it under the rug or not knowing about it or having our government be the ones responsible for it. So go and suck it. I am from Iowa. I know the reality. and in that reality I have lived from the east to the west coast and in the Midwest and I HAVE NEVER ONCE feared for my life out in the public. Hope all you wanna be high rise preachers can say the same for your homes

          • Eric Kingsbury says:

            America does have a violence issue…even if it is only found in 2% of the USA as you said, “try going to the 98% of places in the usa in which violent crime doesn’t really exist” I think it is still a problem.

            Numbers I saw for 2013 put the number of gun deaths at over 33,000 but over half of those deaths were suicides; sadly, not a threat to anyone but themselves but 15,000 firearm deaths is a problem.

            You might be on to something when you addressed how these deaths tend to be clustered in certain areas. An NPR article focused on Chicago stated, “The city has logged more than 700 homicides this year, more than any other major U.S. city”.

            Now I would argue that the United States Government’s social experiment which placed large numbers of dysfunctional persons into relatively packed living arrangements through HUD (Housing Urban Development)has directly led to increased violence in the United States.

            Placing persons who “qualify” for housing assistance into these “projects” and “trailer parks” is a formula for disaster. Who qualifies for subsidized housing? Economically disadvantaged persons.

            What has led to these persons being in a position that they are not able to survive on their own and are economically disadvantaged? Persons living in this US government subsidized social experiment often are uneducated (high school drop-outs), or drug addicted, or alcohol addicted, or mentally challenged (My oldest brother was blessed to received housing assistance…He was Down Syndrome and his disability opened the door for housing assistance), or mentally disturbed, or those with criminal records or those unemployed or unwilling to be employed or those of a criminal element or those of a high teen pregnancy or the list goes on and on.

            Point is this…..you take millions of people that have societies “social problems” and force them to live side by side in neighborhoods that are blighted with few jobs and few opportunities for success while surrounded by persons who have major issues.

            This social experiment has placed these persons in an environment where they do not have to be “responsible” to provide for themselves or where they do not have to be “responsible” for their behavior.

            • Get knocked up and get pregnant….that is ok, the government will provide WIC and free medical care for you and the child.
            • Drop-out of high school (free public education paid for by the US government mind you)….that is ok, the government will provide TANF and free housing for you.
            • Commit a felony crime and the United States government will provide free legal representation.
            • Get convicted of a felony and the US Government will pay to house you, to feed you, and to provide medical attention for you in prison.
            • Don’t work and choose not to work….That is ok, the US government will provide a Electronic benefit transfer or EBT Card and you can buy all the food you can eat…..Shoot, hustle a bit and sell some of your food stamps (illegal mind you) and you can buy beer and smokes.

            This pathetic government experiment has taken persons with the ills of society and thrown them together and then act surprised when murder happens…..Well that is the dark side of America now isn’t it.

            Now add in the element of “thug culture” and “criminal behavior” along with a strong sense of entitlement because hell…most if not your whole life you have been handed everything for free…..and well this is why American has a high firearm death rate.

          • Peter L says:

            Evolved enough to report but not evolved enough to stop maniacal mass murders. Reporting doesnt make it a safer place.

          • JB Silver says:

            To stop “maniacal mass murders”, you’ve got to expel the Moslems who commit them. Is there the political will to do so?

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Hm sorry JB but the mass murdered in Vegas was not Muslim, not the in Texas, Georgia. 33,000 Americans are murdered each year and only a tiny percentage are killed by terrorists.

          • Ara Ponce says:

            Do you mean the USA? Colombia is part of the American Continent. Is not the same to say America than to say the USA.

          • Eric Kingsbury says:

            According to Wikipedia our use of America was acceptable, “American is derived from America, a term originally denoting all of the New World (also called the Americas).

            In some expressions, it retains this Pan-American sense, but its usage has evolved over time and, for various historical reasons, the word came to denote people or things specifically from the United States of America”.


            “The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America (/əˈmɛrɪkə/), is a federal republic[14][15] composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.[fn 6] Forty-eight states and the federal district are contiguous and located in North America between Canada and Mexico”.

            Let me repeat that….”commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America”

            So Ara, if I were writing about the “Americas” I would have been referring to countries in both North and South America; however, I was not, I was referring to “America” so I would appreciate your tolerance and understanding as I will continue to use it in this vernacular.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            You mean like Texas? Ah Florida? Ah Illinois? Ah Louisiana? Missouri? California? Just where is this 98%?

        • Denis W Barnard says:

          America has a leadership problem…..

        • Ara Ponce says:

          When you wrote America, are you talking about the USA? If so, then refer directly to the USA. The American Continent is more than that country (USA). I am Guatemalan, I am American; America has 22 countries not only the USA. Thanks a lot.

          • Denis W Barnard says:

            I meant the USA but wrote America in response tho the previous post so that there should be no confusion to anyone referring to that. Coming from Europe I am fully aware that there is a Universe and even a South American sub-continent outside of the United States. Try googling ancient cities like Athens and Paris, and you get offered places in Georgia and Texas. Amazing.

          • Denis W Barnard says:

            It is customary to refer to the whole of the continent as ” the Americas” if we want to be punctilious about this. Presumably you tell people you have an American passport lol?

          • AFNGC says:

            well in Spanish of course the expression for a citizen of the USA is usually estadounidense more than americana

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            In Mexico they are referred to as Norte Americanos.

        • Harry McNicholas says:

          Hm sorry there is a gun issue since 3/4 of the homicides are done with a gun. The U.S. has the highest homicide rate of any first world country. Most of the homicides do not involve gangs. the mass murderer in Vegas was not part of a gang and neither was the one in Texas. You are delusional.

          • Eric Kingsbury says:

            I replied to your short sighted comment and surprise…my comment (although I did not use foul language or abusive rhetoric) was censored as spam….
            Too many ignorant
            people hide behind censorship..

    • JOHN says:

      That Asian cess pit, Thailand, is a very nice place to live. I have lived in the Dominican Republic, Albania, and Thailand and I assure that the good old USA is by far where I had the most to fear. I just finished reading “exceptional America” by Mugambi Jouet and I highly recommend it.

      • Shagwell says:

        Actually Thailand is not a “very nice place to live.” It is a vile, corrupt dictatorship ruled by an equally vile military, with a totally discredited junta at the core.

      • Daniel Greiner says:

        you are a retard of the lowest form

        • JOHN says:

          Thank you for your sophisticated retort. My 24 years with the State Dept (taking me to some of those places) and the PhD I am working on in my retirement are certainly trumped (no pun intended) by your insight into my being a “retard”. I stand by my statement that places like Thailand, Albania, etc, can be very nice safe places for the foreigner to visit or stay, but, hey, what do I know? And, for Shagwell, please note that most people who live in countries other than their own are somewhat isolated from the political ups and downs and crime of their host country. Yet Americans are somewhat famous for their isolation from the rest of the world, yet they are happy to talk about it with distain since America is soooo great! As a guest resident in Thailand, I do not want to pontificate about politics here but the military junta was preceded by a period of violence and chaos and polls by the Bangkok Post show that people of Thailand are largely happy about their government for now. But, again, what do I know? The question is about 10 countries that are dangerous to visit and Thailand, Philippines, and others have huge tourist industries. That would not be true if they are not generally safe. But enough from me – –

      • Jayson Lim says:

        Hey guyz… friends ….. please chill out… dont hurt your selves because of this damn article … i love colombians.. they have always agood spot in my heart… so please stop arguing ..make love and not war ok … peace… and why dont yu all go to my land in the philippines… i think its better my land is in the first spot in this poll hahahaha…. loka loka … hahaha love u all

    • EDZ RALLANG says:

      Come and I’ll show you how great my country is?

    • Harry McNicholas says:

      PI is only dangerous if you have money in your pocket.

  2. peter archibong says:

    i thought i wont see nigeria…anyway, as you could see it’s only bh that took it there that means nigeria is generally better without the extreme guys…not a very bad idea tho

  3. david julián carmona garcía says:

    What the fuck are you saying???? Colombia????? I am from Colombia, and its literally nothing going on here. Dumb motherfucker. Misleading things and facts. Pure lies

    • Shagwell says:

      Are you incapable of making your point without resorting to the use of profanity and expletives? If the writers of this article have included Colombia on their list, I am sure they have done so with sufficient evidence and good reason.
      Simply suck it up and accept that you live in another cesspit, like Thailand.

      • david julián carmona garcía says:

        hahaha, yeah right.

        keep on living on tv programs. Narcos, etc, Ass your president that lives on a TV show permanently.

        Why dont you think in recent events and compare them to Colombia? The Vegas Massacre, etc, The North Korean Conflict, Pure shit. Its been ages since things like that happens here, it isnt the bread of everyday like in your Country

        i do recognize that here was a time when Colombia was really dangerous, but you dont know shit. You dont know Colombia, neither Thailand i think. Now at this moment and time there is nothing going on here. I accept that we are exporting drugs like we have done in our entire life, but that fact doesnt compromise the order, and doesnt make our country dangerous, why dont you inform better, before trying to discuss a fact that is pure shit and lies based on a tv program called NARCOS. MOTHERFUCKER

        • Sara says:

          I visited Colombia 1 year ago and was immediately thrown to the grown by it’s generous and loving people. Travelling around South America as a solo-female traveller, I found Colombia to be one of the most hospitale countries in the Latin American region.
          Each time I appeared to be a little bit lost, people would ce up to me and ask if I needed directions or personally follow me to my destination!

          I think it’s time to put Colombias violent past to rest, since the country has done a lot of progress in lowering it’s crime rates during it’s recent years. It’s no longer a country like within the movies, as the slogan of Medellin says; “the only risk you are taking is the risk of willing to stay”

          From being a tourist in Colombia travelling around the country for 3months, I can only say it’s absolutely true 🙂

          • david julián carmona garcía says:

            Thank you sara for understand my Pont. It really hurts when someone is misleading info to the entire World. They dont know anything. Colombians are the kindest People you ve ever got to know. Thank you sara, I really aprecciate your time and your comment, not like shagwell ( keep on living in your tv program). I am really proud to be colombian. And you cant make a point for something that you really dont know. Iam from Medellin btw

          • Sara says:

            Thank you Juan 🙂 Keep on fighting for your country! it is all worth it in the end 🙂

            I think the article is very misleading in many ways, as it mention three Latin American countries of which all
            of them are growing economically.

            As for Colombia, it is sad to see that it’s still a country that many people make false interpretations of due to it’s history. My advice is to be critical to resources even if it’s written by ‘ travel experts’ as it’s content is most definitely made with a subjective view.

            That this article is named as a “womenarticle” is for me also a little disturbing as I know many women, like myself, that has travelled down to this region without any inconveniences. Again, the best advice is to talk with people who you are sure of has really travelled down to the region and knows the area well.

          • William Pfannkuch says:

            I’m here let’s talk about it women don’t cut their hair which makes them beautiful in my eyes. They take care of themselves every night cleaning their faces and using the creams to keep them looking younger the natural creams at that. Women here gain more respect every day they run the banks and they run the businesses unlike the United States you get paid for your qualifications here not your gender. If they need you they pay for you to do your job. Yes the government is very corrupt. I think that’s a blanket statement that covers the world we all have our politicians to blame for that. Term limits in the United States would go a long way with me I only had to put up with the lousy president for 8 years when I served in the military and another eight years just recently. At least you know there’s an end to the means. But please somebody get John McCain a real job.

          • Daniel Greiner says:

            I believe Columbians are kind. I just want to mention I am only attacking the Columbian commenting on our country with the same types of stereotypes that we hate.

          • William Pfannkuch says:

            Even though you probably know the difference you can change your spell check there is no you in Colombia unless you are in South Carolina

          • Anthon Deutsch says:

            Please, it’s Colombian not Columbian. When you write a u you mean the University, not the country.

          • Robert Pagliazzo says:

            ColOmbia! Why can’t Americans get this right? And I’m American.

          • Ida Rubino says:

            I am just back from Colombia as a solo woman traveler and fully agree with you.

          • moribund9ja says:

            Pope just visited Colombia..
            It is amazing, loving and peaceful place…
            The writer is poisoning people.

          • Stalin says:

            All writers do or no one would read.

          • Martha Dismer says:

            In Medellin. A wonderful city. The people are so hospitable. Was robbed in Ukraine, however that can happen anywhere. I still loved traveling in Ukraine. Is the US on the most dangerous list?

          • Emeka says:

            The US should be on the list. Their night clubs, schools and where people are gathered for events should be avoided. Most of their citizens are on dangerous drugs and carry guns uncontrollably.

          • Ricardo Spina says:

            Most of their citizens? I think you’re the one on drugs

          • mmem says:

            Hahaha, a drugged writer waiting for her fit

          • Mario Morgan says:

            I have been travelling to Colombia for the last 10 years and I found it safer than many places around the Unites States.

          • Stalin says:

            for sure drugs are almost free there so …

          • SPIROS PAPAS says:

            Well, agree , with you to , but those who exist are enough already

          • Emeka says:

            Another American on drug and working for ISIS kills more than 8 and injures many people. What other proof that you are all on drugs? Trump, your sick in the head president wants the man to receive a death sentence. What a sick country.

          • Howsinbee HowsinBee says:

            Unbloked my number

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Actually Ely, Nevada is not dangerous at all. Nobody locks the doors on their houses or cars. Very beautiful area. Of course it is 3.5 hours north of Vegas in the middle of nowhere. You can watch deer and antelope in the city ah ah ah of 4,000 people.

          • Stalin says:

            Another sick one like you!!! “Another one bites the dust”

          • Bartthedog says:

            Drugs again? Stop taking them!

          • William Skwarlo says:

            I think you’re referring to Chicago.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            No Texas and Florida.

          • SPIROS PAPAS says:

            Totally agree ..

          • Stalin says:

            I da… maybe you are NOT 1 of many that did not come back at all/. Yes the Colombian people are nice and helpful to others, but if I take you to some places and leave you there you would be History. I did trave in Colombia for 2 years and learned that for $ 100 You maybe dead meat in lots of places while they help you get around. so being ignorant is not…

          • Ida Rubino says:

            I have traveled extensively alone in South america using what I call nonspecific caution and I was always fine. Dressing down, not showing wads of money or fancy cameras, not hanging out in unsafe places especially at night. I live in Europe a part of the world where an Isis crackpot could stab you to death just out of your front door

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Hm not hitting on the Narcos girlfriend is also likely a good idea. Do nbot tell me there are no narcos in Colombia.

          • Maxine Page says:

            exact same can be said for areas of the USA

          • Deano Wilkins says:

            Why did you stay for 2 years if it was so terrible?

          • AFNGC says:

            true in many countries

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            All of you. Colombia still produces the cocaine that is consumed in the U.S. and around the world. The difference today is that they do not control the shipping and sales of the coke to the U.S. anymore. They are just producers. The Mexicans control everything. Someone does not pay for their bill or cause some problems, the Mexicans send in their sicario. This has benefitted Colombia greatly and reduced the warfare among the suppliers. The Mexican cartels simply buy all the coke that is produced. All of it so there is plenty of money for all. also, FARC is no longer at war with the government of Colombia. As long as the Mexicans are willing to handle the marketing and collections, the Colombians will be fine. Venezuela is totally different. The bus driver has destroyed the country. Mexico there are 500,000 Mexicans in the drug business. I live here and yes i know who are the narcos in town. They are the ones in the mansions and driving the fancy Cad Escalades and Mercedes. None of us say anything. Cerrada la boca no entra la mosca.

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          • Adriana Serrano says:

            Thank you!

          • Nathan Yusuf says:

            It depends on where you are there are some places that you might not have been to.

        • Daniel Greiner says:

          At least our news is reported. idiot. And I wonder where we get so much of our dangerous drugs from?

        • Daniel Greiner says:

          And by the way. Our daily lives do not consist of the medias agendas. if you went there you might know that for yourself. The people are just fucking people dipshit. Our bread and butter… what a fucking joke.

          • Abdi Ali Hassan says:

            Dont come to somalıa, yeah ıts very dangerous country, stay home..

          • Stalin says:

            Why? if you want to be Hurt that would be for sure going to Suma

          • Clearhead says:

            OK “Danny girl — or Danny boy — or Danny queer —
            whatever you are, We see you are a maggot writer — do you “speak” the same? or do you talk plainly ?? On second thought, who really cares ???

        • PoliticalCorrectness=Insanity says:

          As a gringo living in Colombia I’m all for letting people in the states think Colombia is too dangerous to visit. Fat, rich gringos have priced Costa Rica out of reach. Don’t need that here.

          • Stalin says:

            I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Manisales and the hot women there I go there each year for 2 month and feel I went to Haven. the best part NO Foreigners there from No place in the world. and please stay out of there.

          • AFNGC says:

            kind of a pity if you despise most Colombians and are only there for the hot women. we Brits seems pretty popular maybe cos we are helped them win independence and are not the Big Cousins to the north.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Well some Colombianas might like fat Norte Americanos. I think you should learn that I do not think anyone in S. America calls Americans gringos. That is a term used in Mexico.

          • PoliticalCorrectness=Insanity says:

            I think you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. I have lived in Medellin Colombia for 3 years now, traveled all over South America and can tell you that using the term “gringo” is not that uncommon in other parts of South America but is especially common in Colombia. My Colombiana wife calls me gringo, negro, gordo and other terms of endearment constantly.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            I do having also a number of Colombians friends. Any Colombians using the term have picked it up from the Mexicans. The term Gringo came from Mexico. My friends from Venezuela and Argentina do not use the term. My nieces who are Ticas from Cosa Rica do not use the term.

          • PoliticalCorrectness=Insanity says:

            So what if it came from Mexico. I never claimed that it didn’t. My point is it used in Colombia and I’ve heard it used in Uruguay, Argentina. Ecuador and Chile.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Now PC the story of the word “gringo” Spain has a similar word taken from Griego for people from the Middle East but has nothing to do with Gringo. The Mexicans gave the Americans that name in the war of 1847. They heard the Americans singing the song green grow the violets but only got as far as gringo. In Mexican newspapers they started calling people from the U.S. gringos and Gringas. Any other Spanish speaking people simply picked it up from the Mexicans. None of my Spanish speaking friends from Central and S. America used the term Gringo. They find the term rather crude and rude. Estadounidenses or Norte Americanos. I am shocked your gf does not call you tontonaco.

          • PoliticalCorrectness=Insanity says:

            Thanks bobo.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            No hay problema tontonaco.

          • jordyrsc says:

            I’m currently in Medellin on vacation and get called gringo all the time. Like a lot of words, it can be a term of endearment or an insult, but to say that South Americans do not use the word is completely inaccurate.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            They picked it up from the Mexicans. Gringo was a word the Mexicans developed from the American/ Mexican war of 1847.. The Mexicans heard the Americans singing Green grows the violets. Thus gringo. Likely this past century others picked it up. Most educated Mexicans will not use the term.

          • jordyrsc says:

            I disagree.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Disagree on what? The origin of the term or that educated Mexicans will not use the term gringo Since i live in Mexico I can assure you that is the case.

          • WestcoastTexan says:

            It is used all the time in Colombia. Even the president will say “The gingos want this or that.”

        • Vince Joe says:

          I’m a Nigerian and they ain’t wrong about the issue of Boko Haram.

          • You are sick, definitely sick, who visits the norther part of Nigeria anyway??

          • Stalin says:

            I did and had to kill more than 5 that put a knife in my face

          • Cyril Mazeli says:

            I wonder if this guy can tell me if the place he resides in is SAFE and how. Tell me which country or place is safe in the world. One thing about most of these foreign journalists is that they base their facts on fallacies, assumptions and hearsay and jump into conclusions without bothering to do thorough investigations and sadly enough some feeble-minded folks will agree with them. Boko Haram is a militant group that operates only in some North-Eastern states of Nigeria and even outskirt of Cameroon but they have been decimated by Nigerian Army. Secondly, Transport system in the country is as good and as developed as what you have in that your country of ”milk and honey”. Lagos where I stay is about the best city in Africa in terms of infrastructural development and other metropolitan issues, just like most US and UK cities. So please the writer should be advised to always do his research well before writing. You are very free to visit our lovely, peaceful and interesting country….The Giant of Africa, anytime, anyday and enjoy yourself without any worry.

          • Stalin says:

            who the hell are you to tell others what to do or write???????????????????
            This is what Stalin did!!! anyone that said anything he didn’t like he had that person killed!!!!!!!! Therefore he made HITLER look like a nice guy!
            You are a copy of Stalin!
            Socialism is one step above dictatorship’ , Social people are nasty robbers they only take from others to give others but on the way put the valuable in their own pockets. and forward the trash.
            so go to work earn your living and get busy doing it!!!
            I know you will not do it as you are a real Socialist that wants to tell others what not to do.
            so GO F your Self
            wrote from my phone so …

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Ah have you ever heard of Fascism and Nazism? All of Northern Europe has socialism and has had for many years. Sorry they do not have dictatorships. You are not very smart and will end up in the breadline.

          • Stalin says:

            I agree that travel in Africa is as safe as traveling in Harlem Opa Locka LA Chicago and more parts of the US, and if you get hurt and the police comes and even kills the person that hurt you That will NOT make you feel any better.
            But we are Human Beans (LOL) and we are same like other animals just that we eat each other on Plates.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            Hm and the prince has asked you to tell us where to send that check.

          • Harry McNicholas says:

            If I want to get ripped off I can do that in Vegas and have to travel all the way to Nigeria.

          • Omorowa Segun says:

            I’m Nigerian too and you should not encourage such broad typecasting. Boko Haram operates in the far North East if a massive country that has 186 million people.

            Bros abeg no follow dem spoil us na

          • Nathan Yusuf says:


          • emuesiri onokare says:

            So true Bro. It appears the writer didn’t do proper research.

      • McSwag says:

        Nothing wrong with Thailand.

      • Abdullah Musa says:

        He is giving you the reason to stay away.

      • emilio cano says:

        COLOMBIA LA GRANDE!!!!!Keep hating, while we are on the upswing,,your country has become a joke,,,just as that orange clown you have as a leader…PAYASO

        • Eric Kingsbury says:

          Payaso……Really, Emilio…..Shagwell asked if a person could make a point without resorting to the use of profanity and expletives AND you refer to that as “hating”……Emilio, maybe the Payaso (Clown) is really yourself.

          • AFNGC says:

            i think the hating is referring to Colombia as a cesspit. Its not difficult, caballero..just proper use of the English language

        • Jim Durnin says:

          Emilio, not sure how you consider Colombia to be on the upswing. The economy is worse than it has been in a decade, the joke of the peace accord has only resulted in the FARC dividing into two new groups as well as other new gangs all trying to fill the void and control the drug trafficking. Which by the way, the coca production was up 33% last year alone. So, make fun of our president as he strives to make our country great again while Colombia continues in its down hill spiral. The facts are the facts. I am married to a Colombian lady and as an American, lived in Colombia for more than 15 years. Again, the facts are the facts !!!

          • Terminator says:

            Jim, you are right about some facts. Colombia’s current leader is a disgrace to the country’s policy to fight corruption, crime, declining economy, etc. Colombians’ strive -and hope- for improvement is thwarted by the interests of many groups. However, to rank Colombia as the 5th worst place to visit is far from a factual truth. Last year alone, the country had a 38% increase in foreign visitors from the last three years -and 78% above the average of the last 5 years. I am a foreigner myself (also married to a Colombian lady) and I am convinced that this country is still a pretty safe place to visit (at least much more safer than 20 years ago, when you were probably living here).

          • AFNGC says:

            well i don’t know about making fun..though anyone who can claim that there were good people among neo nazis deserves a large degree of mockery. He certainly won’t be coming to the UK to open your new embassy unless you want to see mass demonstrations ..and the current govt is so fragile that it can’t afford that..so bad luck Mr President. Stay at home and continue bd mouthing the FBI etc

        • Jim Durnin says:

          Emilio, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea from my previous post. I LOVE COLOMBIA AND THE COLOMBIAN PEOPLE. The blame lies with the corrupt politicians which is true with so many countries to include the USA.

        • Felix Foods says:

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        • Anthon Deutsch says:

          Colombia es bonita y tiene sus lugares paradisiacos y ciudades colonials Bella’s como Mompox y Cartagena. Todos los praises tienes sus peligros no hay que señalar a Colombia de sea manera. Saludos Hermano.

      • BonabEel Q Bonabart says:


      • Maxine Page says:

        you’ve clearly never been to Thailand….it’s far far far from a “cesspit”

      • Arlen Farrow says:

        Columbia at one point trafficked 80 percent of worlds cocaine there were also shit ton of murders and Los pepes

        • AFNGC says:

          apparently Germany used to be dangerous ..when i was a child in the 60s only 20 years before they had been killing people left right and centre..Los Pepes was in the 1980s and early 90s …24 yrs ago

        • Harry McNicholas says:

          They still do with the coke. Just the murders are down.

      • Felix Foods says:

        Personal credit

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      • AFNGC says:

        i don’t accept that there are good reasons..have you ever visited the country . The article reads like something written by someone with a poor command of English (Pres Trump maybe). There is no author attribution and if Narcos is your main source on Colombia then you have got problems. I am from the UK and certainly as a Spanish speaker prefer it to the US or my own country at least whilst its runs by the Conservatives

    • vietasianfox45 says:

      Colombians are the meanest people in the world!! LOL jk I used have Colombian friends. They were nice people.

    • Gerardo Lerma says:

      I’ went to bogotá and it is an amazing, beatiful city with warmest people compared to US citizens.

    • Fredy Neira says:

      Hola soy colombiano y creo que estas agrediendo y dandole la razon a estos que dicen que hay violencia en Colombia, le recomiendo para dar mejor imagen no agredir verbalmente, aprender a dar la opinión sin recurrir a las groserías, esas son para los gringos. Hay que explicar que aunque aun hay zonas en conflicto no todo el país tiene problemas, que hay muchas zonas seguras, como en todo el mundo. Que por ejemplo el país que tiene mas alertas de terrorismo en todos sus aeropuertos es Estados Unidos así que allí no hay que sentirse tan seguro. La cuestión es si queremos demostrar que no todos son agresivos y violentos en Colombia, tenemos que empezar nosotros mismos con decencia y respeto a demostrarlo

      • Paul Joyce says:

        Tienes razón amigo. Estoy en Colombia y tu país está un paraíso. La gente muy agradable y llena de felicidad. No he visto nada peligroso. Todo la gente están amistades. Señor Escobar está un hombre tristemente un parte de la historia de Colombia. Soy inglés y estoy muy feliz estar acá en Colombia. Como todo el mundo los Colombianos y las Colombianas quieren vivir en paz. Lo mejor es que visitar Colombia y puede ver el país más hermoso del mundo!!!

    • Dawit Tamiru says:

      they said this because they watched the movie ‘narcos’, but they have no info about Colombia.

    • mario reoyan says:

      its written elsewhere, Columbia one of the dangerous country in the world. fuck dangerous!!!!!

      • Harry McNicholas says:

        Hm You might be right. The Columbia river can be really dangerous. The other day a nitwit trying to outrun the police drove into the river with his pickup. He found out that pickups do not float. Learn to spell. It is Colombia and not Columbia.

        • mario reoyan says:

          Sorry for that spelling, I was absent during discussion and I thought Miss Colombia not angry either. I was hurriedly posting not checking….. sorry for inconvenience.

    • Cleo Morrisson says:

      Yes Colombia is dangerous. Women have no rights there!!!!! I was held a personal slave there for 6 years. You ignorant piece of shit.

      • AFNGC says:

        i must tell that to the female Colombian lawyers, police officers and judges I know. Yes there are issues with womens rights but they are moving in the right direction

        • Harry McNicholas says:

          Why would I be concerned about Colombian women rights? I am going there as a tourist and not running for political office.

      • Harry McNicholas says:

        I wish some hot Colombiana would hold me as her sex slave for 6 years.

  4. Andrés Peláez Fajardo says:

    I’m surprised to find countries like Ukranie or Colombia and not find countries like France, England, USA, Iraq, Syria or Libya that are countries that face daily threats and attacks of terrorist groups. In Colombia there is a confrontation against a local terrorist group almost defeated and at the threshold of entering into a dialogue of peace. No foreigner who has had the opportunity to really know Colombia would agree with this list.

    • Daniel Greiner says:

      size is a factor. and the amount of small and peaceful places in America is vast and widespread

  5. antoniouoscar says:

    All of these bases in propaganda: if ego by news in internet America is the worse country to visit. Like revolution may start in 04 of November and the government still uncertain of what want to do. Don’t forget in America kill anybody are # one problem inclusive the five thousand killed in New York proved no justice only try forget. And many other conflicts appear out the blue at any time, like the last ‘one few days ago. I drove in US from Canada to Dallas and stay there for a month, than today total differently: US have been degraded just about every week, for not saying every day. American’s have had involved in terrorism in varies part of the world supplying arms anew terrorists, the people in America are confuse about homeless been disappear. And police to brutal in accord to the news presented just about every day. It is unsafe visit such country the violence for the own people could be the same for everybody .

  6. Nad Yas says:

    Inacurate and false information

  7. Daniel Greiner says:

    America is a mass shooting center of the world because we ACTUALLY report the news

  8. Chava Cano says:

    And USA, where you can be killed any given day at any given place, either a school or a concert, doesn’t matter.

  9. moribund9ja says:

    Who is this fucking ignorant compiling this trash..
    Nigeria is safe. Boko Haram is only operating in just one tiny corner of the northern region bordering Chad, Cameroun and Niger republics. ..just about 3% of the country’s space..
    Other areas ie 97% are safe and booming with life, however there is very few kidnapping problems which is being tamed.

    • Bill Harzia says:

      Nobody but a microcephalous idiot would come out with the comment that “Nigeria is safe.”
      Just read the advice from the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office about visiting Nigeria.
      And do you really have to resort to the use of profanities & expletives to make your point?

      • AfricanQueen says:

        have you ever visited Nigeria? no where is really deemed safe because an individual can be killed anywhere. kindly refrain from putting down a country that is still young (57) compared to older countries. have a great day

  10. A Singh says:

    Agree with pakistan being number 1 on the list. Corrupt politicians making money since 1947, military and security services isi have ruled the country for majority if time since independence. Known terrorist outfits have been used by pakistan against their own people and ti attack other nations. Future looks bleak for Pakistan unless they embark on a honest and religion free path. Great shame as it is the people who suffer leader and military have more wealth than anyone else in pakistan.

  11. Denis W Barnard says:

    I’ve lived in Colombia for the past 4 years, and would suggest that your contributors get out of Google Earthand into the real world. It’s not any more dangerous than many placeas in Europe I could think of. If Colombia was a person, they’d be suing for defamation of character.

  12. PoliticalCorrectness=Insanity says:

    If Chicago, Memphis,St. Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee and Cleveland were countries they would rank 1 through 6 in this article.

  13. Robert Kingsley says:

    Nigeria ?
    Dangerous but not because of the points stated by writer, especially transportation

    • Vince Joe says:

      Exactly! The overall level of human rights abuse in Nigeria is high. And that should been the main agenda for listing Nigeria.

  14. Raynald Torres says:

    I wonder if the writer has actually been to any of the countries it listed.

  15. Jahmay Khan says:

    I was in Colombia (Bogota and Medellin) in July and found it one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. The people were extremely kind and hospitable, everything was on point. It certainly was nothing like what we read about in the past. Times and things have changed. The country has moved on and so should we in our thinking. Surely I know crime exists as it does in every country, but it is definitely not the same as it was many years ago.

  16. Joe Texan says:

    As an American who has visited Colombia for the past 45 years and lived here for the past 12, I was shocked to see it on this list. In the past it was dangerous but has not been dangerous for at least the last 10 years. Tourism is exploding and it is very beautiful. It should not be on this list.

  17. Frank Bravo says:

    I have been visiting Colombia’s orphanages for years and never worried about my safety. Yes, there are certain “elements” in the mountainous areas but they are hardly active to the point of being dangerous. Colombia should not even be on this list.

  18. Eric Kingsbury says:

    This whole “discussion board” is an illusion of “free speech”. Since the topic is about “Dangerous Countries” and some people posting have added their voice regarding the United States and firearm deaths, I decided to add to the discussion and give my opinion regarding firearms in the USA.

    Thrice I have posted and three times my post have supposedly been detected as spam and removed. Free speech? No, not if your opinion doesn’t align to others agendas…..Maybe the article should have been “Ten Top Public Comment Censored Countries in the World”.

  19. david clissold says:

    Yes, I agree with many here. I also visited Medellin 5 years ago. Best time of my life for 4 weeks. Never spoke a word of English, had nothing but a great time. Friendly people in the Barrio and everywhere else. I agree has this writer ever been to the countries he reported on ?? Maybe he just read up on the subject and wrote this artical. If so….. dude that is NOT reporting.

  20. Brandan Marc Hue says:

    This is clearly had little research. Simply designed to get viewers. Just returned from Colombia and Venezuela. The top 10 should be occupied by mostly middle eastern and African countries. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Eygpt, Turkey, Somalia ect ect So many foreigners in Colombia with no fear except cases of pick pocket. Yes Venezuela is dangerous though i didnt have an issue.

  21. Brandan Marc Hue says:

    I currently live in the Phillipines, and feel safe here, it is perhaps the locals they may feel unsafe because of their president (war on drugs) I love the USA, but with so many guns, they need to look past partisan politics and special interest groups and step up .

  22. Knut Holt says:

    To this list you should add Norway. This country is rather dangerous, especially fo kids. Norway had a political masacre of 70 persons where also 150 were badly hurt, all mostly teenagers and you can suddenly find yourself amid such an event when being in Norway.. Islamists are very active in the country. Gangs are constantly roaming the streets in Norwegian cities in order to rob and harass But the greatest dangers of this cointry are all physical accidents that constantly happen there, and they tend to occur out of blue sky. If you or your kids are hurt in one of these very likely accidents, you will not get good medical care, and if the injuries are serious, you and even more your kids will authomatically be regarded as a organ source rather than somebody to be saved. The Norwegian child protective system is also heavily involved in child trade, and your children is likely to be snapped away from you if you do not handle your kids according to some strict standard. If you kiss your kids, you are likely to be accused of child abuse and your kids taken from you for example. By the way, I am Norwegian, but have left the country.

    • Tommy Roche says:

      Let me guess, you’re a pedophile who got deported from Finland ?

    • Arne Jorgensen says:

      This is sheer bullshit, Knut Holt. Norway is on of the safest countries and least dangerous countries in the world. The sentence «If you kiss a child, you are likely to be avvises of child snuse..» says it all.

    • kss says:

      “Islamists are very active in the country.” -> No wonder it is losing its reputation of being a safe place.. Norway used to be safe…

  23. Mauricio Perez says:

    As a colombian i’m not worried about this misinformation, since the number of tourists is growing. If I am going to form an opinion from an article that relates its accuracy on Netflix then you better don’t visit NY, Las Vegas etc. CSI gives you a real idea of what is really going on there.

  24. Thomas Ferguson says:


  25. Jazz dude says:

    You’ve never probably been to Nigeria so please stop spreading false and fake news
    You should include USA there, after all the shootings and War threats,the US is not a place to be right now.At least in Nigeria I’m free and confident to go to events without fear of been shot in the head. Get your facts straight before posting crap.

  26. Daniel Alpha says:

    I have traveled to Thailand and Columbia, and I can say with confidence that these countries are far from being dangerous. Thais are easy-going, friendly, and self-confident. They are an open and trusting people. Their faith in Buddhism which emphasizes on gentleness and compliance is how an experienced Bangkok traveler can correctly define Thai character. I am a frequent visitor in Bangkok and have not experience anything untoward as the author of the article described. Columbia has been unfairly depicted negatively in many films. Most of my Columbian friends are open and friendly. This is what you will hear from people who have traveled extensively to Columbia. They generally will not strike a conversation with strangers but once you connect with them, they will go to great lengths to make sure you are happy and comfortable in their country. Most Columbian people that I have met (particularly in the countryside) invites me to drink or eat with them though I have just met them. Very hospitable.

  27. Christina says:

    To David Julian whatever. Maybe some people in Columbia are nice (you were swearing on this forum grossly which shows you are aggressive and makes it even less confident source). However please refrain from misleading people about illusion of safety to travel. Any major country has adviced against travel in Columbia. Just google “travel advice Columbia” and go to official government websites. It is really not near as safe as you may advocate. Well ok couple hippie female travellers made it safe but backpackers usually don’t attract anyone’s attention anyway.

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  29. Maria V. Munoz says:

    Oh please, the US is #1 in crime.

  30. Sandra Lee says:

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  31. foodyogi says:

    That is complete b******* about Colombia. I am from Australia and I’ve been living in Colombia for 4 years and it is very safe

  32. Dang Subora says:

    I was in Odessa, Ukraine just recently (June-July 2017). Although the part where the conflict HAPPENED is far from where I was for 2 months, I STRONGLY DISAGREE on this. I felt safer there than in my own country to be honest. How you measure danger on this country is not reliable at all. Obviously, that part you are talking about was torn by Russia and Ukraine is rightfully fighting not only for its territory but as the whole country.

  33. Akins Nazri says:

    I am a Nigerian, I live in Nigeria, I left my home 4am this morning, I took public transport and I am posting this from my office right now. My question is if Nigeria is so dangerous, why are we having so many Europeans and Americans working here extending their stay from one month to twenty years to thirty years and so on?

  34. mario reoyan says:

    Shagwell we are talking about the 10 places dangerous to live, what ever their reason or survey and data. Thailand is not included; Shagwell a cesspool or cesspit well Thailand is land of the free never colonialized had a vibrant culture , a place of interest to visit. every country had its own positive / negative to critics but cesspool or cesspit sounds awful and derogatory.

  35. Hassan Mohsen says:

    Fake News

  36. Hassan Mohsen says:

    America Should be number 1. you hypocrites.

  37. Martins says:

    I think this research on the most dangerious city in the world is fundamentally flawed. It has only one advantage discourage redneck Americans from coming to Nigeria and noticing the investment opportunities in Nigeria

    Yes, there is Boko Haram in Nigeria but for over 10 years Boko haram has never operated in the Southern part of Nigeria, which is the economic Nerve of Nigeria. There has never been terrorist attack in the Southern part of Nigeria in the history of Nigeria since independence , you cannot say the same about USA. I visit the USA every year, infact early this year I was in Las Vegas for two weeks, any sane person will know that Nigeria is safer than the USA becuase nowhere is safe from either home grown or foreign Terrorists.

    Finally, while USA and Europe are deceiving and discouraging their citizens from coming to Nigeria, Asians such as China and India are pouring into Nigeria,daily and today have taken over the position of influence in Africa. Europe and America are now losing out. I feel sorry for USA and Europe

  38. Jesus Narvaez says:

    Sara, thank you for writing postive about Colombia. As any country of the world, we also have our bad apples. Colombia is a nice place to visit; just don´t get involved with the wrong people. Sara, if you don´t mind a like to remind you that the neutral pronoun ITS must not be written IT´S. Thus…..its history, its content, its crime, its recent were written wrong and this mistake generally changes the meaning of what you want to express.

  39. Joe Adaji says:

    On this basis then Nigeria is safer than the USA reason? It has 36 states plus the federal capital Abuja and only one state (Borno) has Boko Haram issues in its rural areas. Secondly, it has weapon control laws.

  40. Donegalian says:

    My son was there last year. He is seasoned traveler (and then some), travels globally for work and pleasure. Colombia, he says, is a pleasant surprise. His next stop, Ukraine with a quick visit to Chernobyl. No doubt he’ll return with a glowing report!

  41. BonabEel Q Bonabart says:

    NEVER GO TO PATTAYA before American military control

  42. Tony C. says:

    Please fellow Americans, there are no “U”s in Colombia the country! Columbia is a river in the NW, or a university, or some mythological lady, but it is not a country. COLOMBIA is only the country.

  43. Dor says:

    My fiance and I were two weeks in Honduras and El Salvador. It is true you see a lot of barb wires around homes and guarded security forces everywhere, butI’m it’s against the Bandidas, the local Mafia. They are just fighting between themselves. For tourists it’s perfectly safe as long as you use commonsense like everywhere (not walking in dark allies, not wearing flashing things when going down town and so on.. We had a wonderful time!

  44. Vanessa Broekelschen says:

    Well this is a misleading, and quite frankly stupid, article. I agree several countries on the list bear their risks, some more than others but 1) They are leaving out far more dangerous/riskier countries, and 2) The fact that Colombia is on this list pretty much discredits it all. I was there as a single female traveler from California – all over the country – and it was one of the best trips I’ve taken. Sure, you need to be more careful in certain areas (just like in most countries) – but what this article describes is in the past – I hate the constant fear being instilled into people to keep them from visiting places that are perfectly fine.

  45. Andrés says:

    I, as a Colombian, just got nothing else to say. Its true that we’ve a quite violent past and also that peace agreements are, especially now, sort of great debate in terms of the actual expectations we as society have on them. But still, my country has been fighting not only between ourselves but also against such international stereotype many people around the world have due to series like Narcos; I’m not sure if that series is historically accurate as this article says, but even if it is, things have changed A LOT in last decades and I don’t believe its faire to judge us based on what its known of one horrible character in our history, that would be like saying all Americans are stupid just judging on the comments your president usually say about Latin American people or even black people. I invite you all to come and visit my homeland and please, seriously, read more than just what an article like this one says before actually giving your point about a country, there is so much more than just a “this country is dangerous, you should not come here”

  46. delaw says:

    Pls leave Nigeria out of this. The problem of Nigeria is western politics & even the paradise countries mass killing with guns happens & other bad things too.
    N:B we dont have terrorism in Nigeria but political terrorism & Nigeria is a home for all humans thank you.

  47. Neil Simpson says:

    Lmao. This is your personal opinion keep it to yourself. I person who know noshit about these countries is making a list after influenced from mainstream media. I smell a white American.

  48. Moses Mokoro says:

    the life risk is in Northern part of Nigeria, not the entire Nigeria, the South West (Lagos, Ogun), South South (Port Harcourt, Calabar) and South East (Enugu, Anambra) of Nigeria is very safe for all.

    Those whose introduced terrorism in Northern Part of Nigeria because of power can now see the joy of their hand work.

  49. Christopher Diaz says:

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  50. Malaika3244 says:

    Pakistan is number 1? Oh cmon man you have to be kidding me. Im a lady and this article is misleading everyone badly. This article make it sound like as if there is explosions of bomb in every neighbourhood in Pakistan but its actually the total opposite. You will only find kids playing and boys playing cricket in every neighbourhood. Im sure its the same with other countries as well. Yemen just recently went through a bomb crisis thats all. Dont exaggerate it. I repeat. DONT EXAGGERATE. I have met Yemen people and they are really nice people. Let me tell you a fact: There is bad and good people everywhere in the world. Get that shit straight and make sure it sticks in your idiotic brain. To hell with this pure bullshit article.

    • Yves Manville says:

      I fully agree. For sure they are dangerous places in Pakistan but its altogether a small part of this gorgeous country. And that list is aslo strange for none of the countries which are in state of civil war is included..

    • JB Silver says:

      Go to Pakistan or Yemen with an Israeli flag t-shirt, and get back to me about how friendly and nice they are…