Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit


The joy of traveling is one of the greatest joys. Witnessing another culture, exploring, and going on adventures in new lands is one of the best ways to experience life. Traveling gives you new eyes to see the world in, and truly expands your knowledge base. I personally look to take every chance I can get to travel. In this day and age, we see people traveling many places on social media and we get curious. However, there are some parts of the world that are just not ready to be seen comfortably.

Read on below to learn the 10 most dangerous places to travel to!

10. Ukraine

There is an ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Russia. Between the countries, the armed forces are involved with on the ground conflict in the Eastern region, and it is not uncommon for locals to get involved in the conflict.

Read about the #9 Most Dangerous Country “Egypt” on the next page below

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318 Responses

  1. Andres Max says:

    I don’t think Colombia should be in the list. ūüôĀ gonna change my home page.

  2. William Pfannkuch says:

    Listen to reason.. I am here in Bogota today I’m from Florida I’m 58 years old a Christian who loves the Lord. I travel tomorrow to Santa Marta one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia with water you can catch a fish buy sites. Yes my home is in Englewood Florida one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States voted by you the people Siesta Key Boca Grande all of the beautiful beaches but I choose to be in Colombia which by the way is spelled with an O I’ve never been to a country with a u I had to spend time in Columbia South Carolina. But I would only say is very very unfair to call Colombia dangerous please take a walk down Bourbon Street and then back to the casino. After 2 a.m. you will be robbed don’t walk the streets of Detroit or Chicago or Los Angeles at night. America is much more dangerous then Colombia yes we have political corruption please tell me a country that doesn’t. And just for your own knowledge yes I support my president Trump and yes I am a veteran and yes I served as a police officer. I just went down yesterday and got my Visa for Colombia which you do not need unless you stay more than 180 days. But unfortunately for the critics I love it so much that I have purchased an apartment 3 bedrooms 3 baths overlooking the Caribbean Sea $105,000. Backgrounds in many many economical fields I can only tell you that I would invest my money in Colombia long before I would invest my money in the United States we are not in a downturn here and we provide a lot of food for the United States who can’t seem to get past the FDA and all this ridiculous regulations. If it weren’t for South America you’d spend $500 going to the grocery store for a basket full. Here I go to the grocery store and get the best beef chicken and all the goodies for less than $70 I can ride in a cab all day long and never worry about a car or insurance or anything else for $20. Although I have a motorcycle Here I stay off it in the big cities. Anyone who thinks Colombia is dangerous lives in a bubble.

    • William Pfannkuch says:

      Oh and by the way if someone bumps into you they say 100% excuse me. And I think my favorite thing about Colombia no racism and everybody works for a living. I am quite sure that wouldn’t go over very well in the United States since I have to pay for three other people and me on my health insurance thanks to nobama

  3. Ross says:

    Syria, Congo, Afghanistan, Libya…I like where these countries were on the list.

  4. Auwal Sani Anwar says:

    Good effort. I was looking for Syria and Iraq on this list, but I am seeing Columbia and Venezuela. I must have missed something.

  5. Aduragbemi Akinloye says:

    Whose report is this usually the U S is put in the goof light and other nations are to be seen it on the bad light. The message is this Nigeria is one of the most hospitable countries in the world whoever has compiled this list should visit and not portray a a Nigeria as a dangerous nation anymore.

  6. Aduragbemi Akinloye says:

    Pure blackmail where in the world are other European and American countries? ..

  7. Barnab√°s Hajzer says:

    Mi baj gugli? Valami terrorista szó vol a beírásomban? Ez az én hazám nem tetszett?
    Miért tiltottátok le a beírást?

  8. Barnab√°s Hajzer says:

    Miért nem beszéltek, írtok magyarul ? Képzeld tudok redesen angolul, de ez Magyarország.
    Angol tanulm√°nyok ut√°n angol nyelter√ľlten √©ltem.
    Mikor orosz volt a divat, akkor is magyar maradtam.
    Nem olyan menŇĎ ez a vih√°ncol√°s.

  9. John says:

    This people are using what goes on in one out of the 36 states in Nigeria to rate the whole country. So, Nigeria is worse off than Syria and Iraq. Willful ignorance

  10. Maxine Page says:

    This article is typical fear-mongering bullshit. I spent many months living and traveling all over Colombia, without one single issue or problem. The people are amazingly friendly and warm and my entire time there was amazing. I actually considered moving to Bogota last year, but instead chose Mexico City‚ÄĒanother place that constantly gets a bad rap in sloppily reported and factually inaccurate articles like this. Quite frankly, they may want to consider adding the USA given the ever increasing penchant for mass shootings. I lived in London for twenty years, Los Angeles for 16, New York for three, and felt every bit as safe in both Colombia and Mexico as I did in any of those three…..so, go figure. Oh, plus I’ve also traveled extensively all over Africa, and take exception to Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria being classed as no-go zones. As for Pakistan? Stay away from the well known contentious areas and you’ll find it to be one of the most inviting, beautiful and hospitable countries in the world. Ditch the fear mentality, you’re statistically way more in danger in your own bloody home from those you know (if you are a woman).

  11. paul woollley says:

    Myanmar and North Korea are not on this . Why ?

  12. Phyllis Sitati says:

    whoever wrote this article did not do enough research about the countries being written about here. Some things are just wrong, and some are the the other way round. Before you put countries out there to hang for things they haven’t done it helps to do enough research.

  13. Sicqie Dacqher says:

    I live in Colombia…. but I am Some kind of Casteyano, because i am Venezo-colombiano…. And that’s why I can say, couse there is two of those dangerous contries in this news… that, it is because the way of the intitution of the law, at the constitucion… anyway some kind of bad look, at the bad signs… like neurotic pleasure and sado-mazoquism… wich are some trancicion, for fantasy and freedom…. anyway here is something not so that bad…. http://www.santossomatos.blogspot.com

  14. Peet Nell says:

    You forget to include South Adrica! It will land at about number 4 in your list. Violence in order of the day!

  15. Anton Konkin says:

    simply ridiculous. what about Iraq, Syria, Somalia and so on?

  16. Logic Avenue says:

    I can assure everyone this writer is Indian origin or Indian sponsored. You’re most likely to get raped in Indian than any other country in the world,,, that’s according to world statistics

  17. ExPatContractor says:

    Number 9: isn‚Äôt so much Boko Haram but the police or military pulling you over, shaking you down, holding you hostage, and extorting money from you. Evil, soulless, and why our government has allocated over $790m since 2016 to these people is incomprehensible. They always watch your hands and your pockets – attempting to ingratiate themselves in some way, talking about how their mother just died, kid is sick, need money to buy a goat or cow for a holiday feast ….

    • hubdi says:

      Hallo Expat,
      something is terribly wrong with you, I live and travel this “dangerous” country Nigeria up and down since more then 30 years, but you are a real buster of the truth!
      Just compare USA 340 million with Nigeria 180 million population, ~33,000 gun related death in USA and how many in Nigeria, I don’t think it would reach ~1,800 (excluding the Boko Haram effected Northeast) ! I feel safer here, and if the US has spent ONLY $790 million to “these people”, then this on its own is a shame!

      Compared to your basic salary (may be ~ $5,000???) THESE people around you were earning ONLY ~100-200$ per month !!!
      Yes, THESE people would like to afford buying a cow or ram for their holydays, what is wrong with that? Stop spreading fake news.

      I live in Lagos (supposedly a very dangerous city) and I love Nigeria!

  18. Muhammad Ali Chughtai says:

    Have you visited yemen, egypt , paksitan ..Just some tupid post you have written.

    egypt is great country and many visiters still visit there.

    paksitan has nothing to do any thing with isis and attaked many times by taliban.

    Who ever created this post has no knowlege.

  19. Robert Howard says:

    I lived 2 years in Medellin 2009-2011, visited Medellin more than 20 times since. I love Colombia, Its people, and I feel safer walking in Medellin or Bogota, or Cartagena or Barranqulla than in down town Los Angeles. You guys are a bunch of ignorants who watch too much TV. The series Narcos and Pablo Escobar is a thing of the past. 1993 is when he died for gods sake, 24 years ago….. only an ignorant who never visited Colombia can say such nonsense. I will want to retire in Colombia, I currently live in Costa Rica and I can tell you that Colombia is much safer. The people are so much nicer than the fake aggressive Costa Ricans. If you haven’t been to Colombia, visit Medellin for a week and tell the world how wrong it is.
    There is crime everywhere, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles. I lived 27 in Los Angeles. the quality of life is so much better in Colombia, and I measure quality by the way of life, not by luxury. It is so much easier to make friends in Colombia. And lets face it, happiness is how I measure the difference. In the USA you live to work, in Colombia Live to Live, it is very inexpensive, great to retire. besides, face it anyway you want, would you want to live by an old ugly fat woman or with a young hot woman who actually knows how to take care of a man. Its about living. and its not dangerous at ALL, I lived there, and go there all the time.

  20. disqus_q9xrL43bMF says:

    The El Salvador warning is complete BS as a traveller or expat resident is safer in El Salvador than the US. The numbers quoted only apply to gang members infighting or police/military deaths! Same goes for Honduras plus Colombia. I have first hand experience in the above countries and immagine the same likely holds true for most of the others making the article FAKE NEWS!

  21. ken says:

    This article is a joke

  22. Matthew Terhile Abongu says:

    Well, I sure believe Nigeria is a safe place to travel to as regards Boko Haram terrorist. Terrorist activities are going on only in the North Eastern part of the country with only three states involved. For that of transportation, you’re 100% right cos most of the roads for now are hardly motorable.
    In all we’re still a peaceful and loving country with great sense of hospitality.

  23. Afras Hashim says:

    Dumbest article I have ever read. Misguiding the travellers instead of providing any info….

  24. Ezeokwelume Adazi says:

    In Zoo rep of nigeria a seating president is a spokes man and life petron of two deadliest trerror organisation boko haram and fulani herdsmen killing enemy of his own tribe and religion islam

  25. Oscar Bohórquez says:

    Aside from politics, corruption and drugs, COLOMBIA’s problem is street crime and the common way of thinking. AkA the colombian way of doing things. It is no lie you can get murdered for a smartphone, tricked by a cab driver or scammed anywhere. Driving is dangerous as almost no driver respects any rules, nor they are enforced by any authority except when it suits them. Although the country has interesting places to visit and some people might appear friendly, high caution is advised.

  26. Point Venus says:

    WTF is turmoiled no such word moronic writer

  27. Hasinah says:

    I am a Malaysian and I’m looking forward to visit Pakistan and India. But after looking at this article I’m having doubt to visit those places. Is Pakistan really that bad?

  28. La gioconda says:

    I know egypt sucks after the revolution.

  29. Jaco van Vliet says:

    Living in Colombia as a Dutch pensioned guy so many things to say but since the topic is most dangerous places to visit I strongly disagree putting Colombia on the list. Have been all over the world but one can freely travel (even by car) if one keeps common sence. Dont go to the poor neighborhoods yeah right and dont go to areas where there still is para activity. You can inform yourself. In the cities and huge parts of the country one travel without any problem which was not the case until the late 90’s. Things changed….

  30. Jes√ļs Medel Guadarrama says:

    Very bad article. ¬ŅColombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela? Of course not. Peaceful countries with great people.

  31. schwabenpfeil says:

    Hmhh, i traveled a few of the countries listed, just traveling in South Sudan. Afghanistan and Congo is a completely different level of danger

  32. Prosper Chidozie Njoku says:

    Honestly, your write up and ranking about Nigeria is somewhat superstitious. We have 36 large states, and Boko Haram is only operational in one. Our transport system isn’t the best but its working. Nigeria’s major problem remains corruption in almost every political and socioeconomic sector.

  33. Adanlawo Seun says:

    fake…nigeria is a peaceful country

  34. JB Silver says:

    Why is Sweden not on the list?
    In 1975, Sweden was judged the safest country in all Europe for a woman alone, day or night. In 2015, it was judged the most unsafe country in Europe for a woman alone, day or night. Big shock – the change coincided with Sweden opening up its gates to non-White, mainly Moslem migration, and absorbing 1.25 million of them into the formerly 5.7 million pop. country which had, in 1975, almost only Swedes (plus ¬Ī7,000 Jews and 15,000 non-Whites/non-Christians).

    And if we are naming countries where women are unsafe, what about Bangladesh, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, not to mention the territories formerly called Syria and Iraq…

    • AFNGC says:

      people of the Jewish faith who are Swedish are Swedish…as are non white or non Christian people. Neo nazis on the other hand are some kind of weirdos who worship a foreign failed dictator who led his country to a spectacular defeat

      • JB Silver says:

        Yes, and those “non white and non Christian” ‘Swedes’ demonstrated in Malmo last week, chanting “Death to the Jews”; and 21 ‘Swedes’ attacked the Synagogue in Gothenburg – 3 were arrested, but the police won’t release their names – I’ll bet you these ‘Swedes’ are named Ahmed or Muhamed, NOT Sven or Ake.
        Most Swedes [and by that I mean members of the Judeo-Christian majority population of Sweden] who are feeling justifiably threatened by Moslem violence and racism [and it IS racism, against a Jew or against a White, by a non-white], are NOT neo-nazis.
        Supporters of Sweden’s Democrats are NOT neo-nazis.
        And I’m an Israeli Jew.

  35. Kim Tobin says:

    With over 300 mass shootings of innocent civilians this year alone, how does America not make this list?

  36. Who Am I? says:

    Why is not India on the list? Pollution, smog, dirty water, dirty air, filth, contagious diseases and road/train accidents alone can have you killed or be killed very soon if you happen to visit and live there in India for a while. I would put India as the number one dangerous country to visit. Pakistan is number 2.

  37. Who Am I? says:

    Why is not India on the list? Pollution, smog, dirty water, dirty air, dirty and questionable street food, filth, contagious diseases and road/train accidents alone can have you killed or be killed very soon if you happen to visit and live there in India for a while. I would put India as the number one dangerous country to visit. Pakistan is number 2.

  38. cosmo gato says:

    Colombia is not one of 10 more dangerous…

  39. Georgy Malinovskiy says:

    There is a civil war in Ukraine, not with Russia. And come on, Somalia should be on the tipi top of the list.

  40. John says:

    Up Naija! Is Nigeria more dangerous than America.

  41. Nathan Yusuf says:

    The United States should be No.1, That place is just terrible, Shootings everywhere, Drugs, And also when ISIS need more recruits some sick deluded US citizens travel all the way from their countries to support such a sick thing.

  42. Nathan Yusuf says:

    Nigerian here, Our transportation is not that bad.

  43. Talib Satti says:

    It is shocking to see Pakistan in the top of list. Pakistan is a peaceful country. Just for your info. Taliban are originated in Afghanistan initially supported and funded by US to fight against Russia. Now their craving of dollars (again supported by Indian/US agencies) force them to fight against Pakistan. Also ISIS is originated in Syria/Iraq allegedly funded by Israel/US to fight against Syria and other Muslim regimes. A part from all this Pakistan and USA are considered as allies against terrorism and had best working relations in past.

    • JB Silver says:

      Yup, ISIS funded by Israel. Really. What are you smoking, Bro?

      • Talib Satti says:

        The sudden emergence of ISIS in the uncontrolled areas of Syria and Iraq having enormous funds and modern weapons, and later their maximum terrorist activities in the Muslim countries ranging from middle east to Pakistan/ Afghanistan lead to this firm believe that this is all the conspiracy of Israel and USA.
        Also, Yes I am inhaling the air polluted with the smoke coming out of the guns of Israeli army firing on unarmed agitating people of Palestine and killing children and disable persons.

      • Harry McNicholas says:

        The start up most likely to fight Assad. Neither Israel nor the U.S. could think ahead asto what ISIS turned into.

  44. Kwizera Norman says:

    Haha.. What a joke this is. So who compiled this info.?. since we’re gullibles to be convinced anything, we’ll believe Kenya,colombia or even Nigeria pose to be more of a threat than the traditional war giants namely Syria, Afghanistan,Iraq or even Somalia.. Really??. Come on?

  45. Adeel Hashmi says:

    No Iraq, No Afghanistan, No Somalia, No India, No Mayanmar, No Libaria……………who made this list?????? This is really funny list rather!!!!

  46. Billet Magara says:

    Why isn’t the US on the list? All those daily shop mall shootings, school hostage holdups and KKK lynchings of other races are safe for tourists? Tourists are not always “White:” are they?

  47. Femiab says:

    Your assessment and comment about Nigeria being 2nd to the most dangerous Countries to visit is totally wrong and derogatory. Boko Haram is a Terrorist Group we know but they are an extension of ISIS, Al Queda and other Islamic terrorist groups every where in the world like in Syria and other Middle-east Countries. These people operate in a small fraction of the population of Nigeria and therefore does not make Nigeria a dangerous Country to visit. People still live in the region under Boko Haram enclave You always claim everything good to come from Europe or America and every bad thing is from Africa. If your attempt is to paint Africa in bad colours and send wrong information about our Continent, please do not write about Africa. We may be blacks but we are still human beings. We did not choose our Colour and neither did you choose to be white; nature did

  48. Bill Bate says:

    Why isn’t the USA on this list? It certainly belongs on any “dangerous” list with a mass killing happening an average of once a day every day, it’s evident there was no “research” here; just copy and paste! I’m writing this from Colombia – after a dozen incident-free visits and an abundance of joyous moments over 30 years, this is where I’ve chosen to make my home in 2018.

  49. Fabian Fernsby says:

    The person who compiled this list, i don’t think he/she did any research, investigate or visit any of the countries on this list, all you reported here is hearsay.. do some research before you run your mouth and put fear in the heart of would be tourist.. And if going by the publishers logic, America should be on this list, Drive-by, racism, police brutality, hate crime, bigotry, white supremacy, public shooting, kidnapping and many more.. now because of all this atrocities will you say AMERICA IS NOT SAFE?

  50. Johny Jasus says:

    1: Amerika
    2: Afghanistan
    3: Yemem
    4: Somalia
    5: libya
    6: Iraq
    7: Syria
    8: Burma
    9: Amerika
    10: Amerika