Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit


The joy of traveling is one of the greatest joys. Witnessing another culture, exploring, and going on adventures in new lands is one of the best ways to experience life. Traveling gives you new eyes to see the world in, and truly expands your knowledge base. I personally look to take every chance I can get to travel. In this day and age, we see people traveling many places on social media and we get curious. However, there are some parts of the world that are just not ready to be seen comfortably.

Read on below to learn the 10 most dangerous places to travel to!

10. Ukraine

There is an ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Russia. Between the countries, the armed forces are involved with on the ground conflict in the Eastern region, and it is not uncommon for locals to get involved in the conflict.

Read about the #9 Most Dangerous Country “Egypt” on the next page below

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318 Responses

  1. She Grabs the Curtain says:

    Extremely stupid article. The biggest part of Ukraine is safe to travel to, and Kenya is very safe too. Boko Haram is only active in the north of Nigeria, and not in the south. Colombia is also a very safe destination to travel to.

  2. Asogwa Uchechukwu says:

    I beg to disagree with listing Nigeria as second most dangerous country to visit as a matter of fact it does not even fall in the top 10 at all, yes there is the insurgence which is primarily in the north eastern Nigeria but their activities are curtailed by the security forces so please update your list

  3. AFNGC says:

    written i suspect either by a computer or someone using Google Translate. Comment re Ukraine is utter nonsense. Its dangerous if you went to the frontline but nowhere else. what on earth does `It is not uncommon for locals to get involved in the conflict` mean. Separatist militia in the Donbas are locals but locals in Kyiv do not suddenly start fighting each other. Utter complete rubbish.
    Similar the comment re Colombia..only a certain type of American thinks that Narcos is historically accurate (yes it was the DEA that saved Colombia and did everything). there are dangerous areas in Colombia but so are there in Washington DC

  4. Glenn Hian Beng says:

    America would be one of them too since many crazy shooting crimes in recent year

  5. AFNGC says:

    this really is the kind of article one expects from maybe Fox News.. Colombia and Kenya and Ukraine…but not Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Sounds like something re by Trump (stay away from Ukraine..my FSB handlers need you to believe its a war zone)

  6. Shass says:

    Ohh really pakistan at 1 wow what a lie.

  7. Emmanuel Moyana says:

    I am not sure about Nigeria. I wouldn’t put it on the same list as Pakistan.

  8. Ihab Rizkallah says:

    Wow!! all the bad guys! what about the nice guys starting to suffer from terrorrism like Paris, London, Washington, St. Petersburg, etc…. and other coutries like lebanon syria, …. are they considered as safe?

  9. John Laurie says:

    Pretty Stupid un-researched article. South Africa has thousands of murders per year and not even mentioned. What about Iraq or Afghanistan?

  10. okwudili okeke says:

    This travel guide lacks facts: obviously bc d writers based their judgement on heresy. Nigeria may have some militant incidents like in d case of Boko Haram but it is restricted to a section of the country in d north east.There ar interesting places to be in Nigeria that will offer one comfort and value for money without the distraction of these Muslim criminals.Lagos is by all standard a world class destination for any holiday maker,boasting of world class international and local airports,two major seaports,and top class major hotels.High population is d only dour point, as for transportation,it could be hectic bc of unusually high population (abt 35million for a place the size of Pennsylvania) yet you can easily find taxis in virtually every nook and crannies of d city.This wonderful place poses no danger to any traveller talking abt terrorism,however every city in d world has its downside,there ar criminals and hoodlums in every city of d world:I live in Europe and we see d police here dealing and chasing criminals everyday.The capital Abuja is a modern day wonderland.A beauty of a city.First class hotels,out-of-this-world infrastructures.Here you can afford to sleep with ur two eyes closed without care.For d adventurous,the southeastern cities of Calabar and port Harcourt can give you value for money.close serenity to the Atlantic,international and local airports, wonderful people,interesting buildings and outdoor holiday locations,beautiful clean streets.These areas ar predominantly christian enclaves.The criminal bokoharam cannot operate here,besides it is a creation of d rogue Muslim cabals in govt to destabilize and reap profits from the purported confrontation with security personels. Travel to Nigeria is safe as far as the afore mentioned areas are involved.And they ar Nigeria’s best holiday locations.Nigeria is not just abt bokoharam,don’t mind the news being circulated,it is a fraud being used by some Muslim cabals in govt to enrich themselves thru defence allocations. Ever since d first attack till to d present, they have been operating in d northeastern party of d country. They don’t hide their enclave,the authorities know yet they continue to hit their targets there at random and with impunity bc they have collaborators and sponsors in d ruling class.They don’t pose a threat to most interesting parts and economic areas of Nigeria.

  11. Temidayo Abike says:

    Really?! Nigeria?! It’s as true as Obama being my Uncle. This article is just based on hearsay from the internet and not well researched. Nigerians are too dumb around foreigners, they treat them like long lost relatives. The only crime they’d probably commit is inflate prices of goods to foreigners. Oh and I’m a Nigerian, been here all my life

  12. Didier de Haerne says:

    Colombia is not dangerous anymore I have been to Bogota (less tourist area) and the only thing that got me scared was stray dogs.There are so many police in the city you feel safe as a tourist.

  13. Name says:

    Where is the Bosnia and Hercegovina?

  14. claudiu nistor says:

    Where is Romania ???? Lol

  15. Ματινα Κρν says:


  16. Kelechukwu Nwanja says:

    Just just 2% of Nigeria is affected by book haram

  17. Carlos Alvarez says:

    A series of Netflix can not be a source of information. More responsibility is required when these rankings are elaborated

  18. Valentina Feher says:

    Guys who want to ride in Russia? Come to me, meet everyone and show you and tell you how the Russians live!

  19. László Agárdi says:

    Only #10 Ukraine? Don’t let me see you on the streets of Zakarpatya

  20. Peter Fisher says:

    I think in this day and age, and with the ease with which information can be shared, it is somewhat disheartening to find that on a list like this, there is no clarification on which parts of the countries have security issues. For instance, in Nigeria, the security threat (Boko Haram), is in the North eastern part of the country. Other areas such as the commercial capital, Lagos, are not subject to the whims of the terrorists… please distribute accurate & clear information…..

  21. Leonardo Guarin says:

    That list is badly elaborated, what about Syria?

  22. Fjutt says:

    Venezuela has the world´s worst shithole President (Nicolás Maduro). But the country and the people are great.

  23. Mike says:

    Mentioning Kenya in list is baseless and even talking of guns and blast in rual areas, never lie the world.

  24. Tim says:

    Ridiculous, ignorant article. You lose all credibility by having Ukraine and Colombia in the same league as dangerous war zone countries in Africa and the Middle East. You don’t even have Somalia, Iraq, Syria or North Korea??? Lol. My wife is from Colombia and I’ve been there many times. Never once have I felt unsafe or unwelcome. We bring our children there. Yes there is violence in certain areas. But it doesn’t hold a candle to Chicago or St. Louis. Please don’t write about things you are clearly beyond ignorant of. Travel to Colombia! Its safe and beautiful.

  25. Brenda says:

    Seriously? You’re basing the perceived danger of a country from a Netflix series? Well, then we’ll we’re at it, let’s base our perception of Travel to Miami on Scarface. What a stupid article. I’ve traveled all over Latin America and we’ll there is certainly crime and poverty (just like in the US) there isn’t any entire country to avoid. Especially if you just use basic common sense (just like in US). Colombia is a beautiful country and doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Its much less dangerous than it was 30 years ago and even then it was only certain parts. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Honduras are overall where the most unrest is.